0 Truck Driving Advice for New Truck Drivers from Experienced Semi Truck DriverThe Truck Driver Guyhttp://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/TheTruckDriverGuyEducationTruck Driving Advice for New Truck Drivers from Experienced Semi Truck Driver

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0 2011 AAM Vendor Showcase   Big Country Truck Accessories and Go Rhino! ProductsBJ Leanse from Big Country and Go Rhino talks about the quality of their products and the lengths they go to in bringing you the best product available.

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0 Classic Trucks For SaleLooking for Classic Trucks for Sale? Nice Selection at http://oldtrucksforsale.net

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Hey guys, my dad is wanting to give me his 08 jeep commander, im deciding if i should take it.. Really wastes gas like no tomorrow and i only drive to school and the gym so

Anyways that set aside, if he does end up giving it to me, i didnt like the stock 17′s i feel like they took away the actual look the car could have..

I found a set of 17s new


Is that price good? Would i lose anything changing the rims to something else?

Plenty of resorces online to help you shop. Compare prices. Your looking for wheels not rims.

admin on November 4th, 2013

I’m going to look at an used truck for sale. It’s a 99 f150 w/ a 4.6 6 cylinder and 160,000 miles. I know it’s a lot of miles but I’m wondering for how much longer will it still hold up? I know it has to do with how you take care if it and all so I’m wondering how do I, not knowing to much about engines, know if the trucks been ridden hard and if it’s been mudded? Thanks

read the service history .if none available walk away ok.if car is well serviced will have good ser history .ok .do it .

0 The Truth about Truck Drivers Salary or How Much Can You Make per month Driving a Semi TruckThe Truth about Truck Drivers Salary or How Much Can You Make per month

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I bought a wet nitrous kit and I’m adding some safety equipment. Since there will be a tee adapter on the fuel line, I need to monitor the fuel pressure while using the nitrous system in case it drops to a point where the nitrous/fuel ratio will be too high.

I’ve been searching everywhere for a kit but cannot quite find one that suits my needs. the fuel pressure needs to be taken after the tee adapter, in either the fuel injectors line or the nitrous system line. Is this item what I need: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Black-7-100-PSI-Fuel-Pressure-Gauge-w-Pressure-Sender-/350869853154?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item51b17913e2&vxp=mtr&_uhb=1 ?

Otherwise, what do I need?
My engine is a fuel injected 4 cyl. (1985 mr2 4A-GE)

You need to have a pressure gauge for the nitrous/fuel mixture near the steering wheel so you can monitor it as you monitor the engine RPMs. You can Tee off the fuel mixture line and run a hard gauge and line into the dash area, find a place with unobstructed view so when your car is on the juice you can pay attention to the pressure and your driving.

I sound a little obtuse. I mean my dad has 6 semi trucks, I should know how to get shippers. However, my dads been using truck brokers,and I am noticing other truck companies with more then 5 trucks have their own shippers. My company has legit trucks, 2009-2012 models. So how do I find shippers to get-loads?

To get your own shippers you’ll need to advertise and most likely do the sales yourself. If you intend on becoming a full service mover, you might be subject to different licensing and insurance requirements (you can check that out on the FMCSA website, I’ve attached a link below). You will need to advertise, purchase leads, do the sales, provide in home estimates and do the loading yourself as well.You will have year round full time work only if you contract with companies and not just individual HHG shippers.
Good luck with your growing business!