I’m doing a study on truck drivers. Do you carry around empty containers as well sometimes? If so, how many percent of the time is the container empty? How often is it not filled up all the way? id say 85% of the time we are lded. just remember if you have it a truck [...]

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Besides LMC Truck, Ebay, and Summit Racing. I have a ’90 Chevrolet 4×4 jc whitney will have all the accessories youd ever want, but i wouldnt buy a mechanical part from them

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Red Sovine Truck Driver’s Prayer Van de LP: Interstate Truckers 1984 Duration : 0:2:56 Technorati Tags: bas, brult, chauffeur, Diesel, Drivers, ilburg, Interstate, Prayer, prijzen, Red, Sovine, staken, theo, truck, truckers, vrachtwagen

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LINE-X, www.line-x.com Duration : 0:3:20 Technorati Tags: bedliners, coatings, line-x, linex, protective, spray-on

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Freightliner Columbia Sleeper Truck For Sale. Very clean 2005 Freightliner Columbia Fleet Returns are available now with miles ranging from 600,000-700,000. They were well maintained Freightliner sleepers and are road ready. Our Freightliner Columbia for sale also come with $3,000 Cash Incentive that can be used for Down Payment Assistance or choose a 24mo/200,000 mile [...]

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Do truck drivers (CDL & non-CDL) have to pay for their own drug test or do the companies they work for pay? What about independant contractors? The company pays for it. My friend’s dad is a truck driver and they pay for it. If them or anyone wanted to do a drug test on themselves [...]

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2003 GMC Sierra with a Duramax Diesel. My husband wants to find parts to boost it’s performance and make it look nicer. I don’t really pay attention to him when he is telling me the parts but I know he wants to give it a lift and put a nice push bumper on it. Then [...]

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They must have 10 of thousands of them but you almost never see them in civialians hande. Why is that? They rebuild them until they can’t anymore, then crush them…

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Visit www.ProgressiveTruckTips.com Tips about truck safety from drivers. Let the truck do the work not the brakes. You want the brakes to be cool when you get to the bottom so you can stop. The cooler your brakes, the easier to stop. And don’t rely on emergency equipment at railroad crossings always look yourself. Don’t [...]

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