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This documentary tells the compelling story of a 3rd generation truck driver Jethro ‘Fockbox’ Cattle who explains his struggle with life in his own words. With an IQ of 99, “almost full hundred percent”, he believes he should be a lawyer or a doctor but that there’s a conspiracy against him and his family who [...]

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Thought it was about time that there was a video on here that shows the best of Plymouth for a change. When the sun shines, it’s actually not a bad place to live. Yes it may be 10 years behind most other places… but, that’s part of its charm ! Located in Devon in the [...]

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Dually Trucks For Sale Check out this Dually Truck! It is FOR SALE! and it is very Cheap! Call us 888 356 9726!! Come see this truck today! C@LL TODAY!!!!! Duration : 0:2:32 Technorati Tags: Cheap Trucks, Dually Trucks, NC Used Cars, trucks for sale

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Introduction to BACKRACK™ products, cab guards, side rails, headache rack…Put your stamp on your truck with BACKRACK™ products. Duration : 0:0:38 Technorati Tags: back rack, cab guards, headache rack, pick-up truck accessories, side rails, trucks

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contact or text me( mark or marco) at (626)548-1641the sand rail has an ls1 vortec 6.0 motor, my dad built it from the floor up we are selling it for $40,000. the truck is an 1967 chevorlet truck its going for $10,000 and it comes with an ls1 vortec 6.0 motor. it needs a bit [...]

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Follow us on TWITTER: Like us on FACEBOOK: On April 20, to protest rising oil prices and fees, thousands of Shanghai truck drivers went on strike requesting the authorities to abolish fuel surcharge, and manufacturers to pay higher shipping fees. Yet, a large number of riot police came, leading to 3 people dead, [...]

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admin on May 26th, 2011 My first video in Amsterdam is of the Spliff Smoking Accessories truck making his rounds for the day. Duration : 0:0:25 Technorati Tags: 2009, cannabis, Cup

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1987 Quad Axle Dump Truck ror sale $15000 call John Kienbaum of Kienbaum Excavating at 1-262-903-8855 or 608-883-2823. Duration : 0:0:53 Technorati Tags: 1987, dump truck, dump trucks for sale, excavating equipment, John Kienbaum, Kienbaum, Kienbaum Excavating, mack dump, mack dump for sale, mack dump truck, mack dump truck for sale, mack for sale, mack [...]

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Hi, I’m Anna, I’m a truck driver.After nearly 2 years I lost my job because of the recession.:( /EDIT : I got myself a new full time job – everything’s allright now thanks to everyone for all your support and help!!! Duration : 0:5:22 Technorati Tags: BIG, Car, chemical, ciężarówka, cofanie, Driver, female, kierowca, kobieta, [...]

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