As you would expect, there are a huge selection of pellet stoves to choose from, however Quadrafire pellet burners are one of the better designs of pellet stove, but why?

Important facts about the Pellet Stove Chimney

So you have chosen to opt for a pellet stove to temperature your dwelling or business. Using wood pellets for warming is a a great deal cheaper option, along with also reduces carbon emissions and benefits the environment. So how do you choose the top pellet heater for your needs, what are the precise features you requirement, in addition to what details will create the difference in terms of a quality heater. These are all valid along with significant questions, as anyone who assumes all pellet stoves are the same is simply wrong, as well as that assumption could lead to purchasing a poor value pellet burner.

 How to choose a Used Pellet Stove

So first lets look at how much fuel the Quadrafire pellet burners can contain. These units have some of the largest inbuilt hoppers on the market, along with hopper extensions are available to extend the running age of the unit up to over a week without the requirement to refill the hopper. As well as having a hopper that can hold a lot of energy, how it feeds that energy into the fire is equally if not more important. All pellet stoves consume a timed auger to get the pellets into the burning chamber. The design of the feed system is crucial for reliable heater operation. Some units are built by way of fairly fragile augers plus motors, along with in some conditions they can get blocked with a pellet, which is only a few millimetres too long in length. No pellet burner produce should resume the pellets are all a perfect length plus should be designed to deal by it. Quadrafire simply install superior augers in addition to motors, which can break off oversized pellets if needed.

 Learn about Pellet Stove Inserts

Now the fuel feed system has been looked at, the next important factor is the combustion zone or more specifically the burn pot. Here is where the action actually happens, and the true indication of a quality pellet stove. There are quite a lot of burn pot designs, as well as the most frequent design is the drop down burn pot. Here the pellets fall into the burn pot, as well as the only means of ash removal is from the forced air was to aid incineration. The problem with this system is, what is the atmosphere flow is insufficient to move all of the ash? This will create an ash build up, as well as this will eventually cause the pellet stove to sense a fault. Therefore the drop down pellet burn pot is not the design, as the ash content of fuel pellets can easily vary.

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