If you are looking for the best camera to buy you may be confused since the selection is so vast and there are so many features to consider. For someone who is dedicated  may spend quite some time researching consumer reports to find the best digital camera. Once the search is over it is time to gather up your savings for the camera of your dreams; that brand new 10 megapixel, 10 times optical zoom camera with a two and a half inch screen. Unfortunately, technology doesn’t ever stop for breath and your personal choice is no exception, so after months of searching you now have to have the latest version of the camera which has taken over the accolade.

So we have a dilemma because now there is this new version, we simply must have this latest and best digital slr cameras. However, the decision to purchase the best digital camera has been made for us because why would we now want second best. If you are new to digital cameras and photography the tips below might be useful and point you in the right direction. First off try and search out a model with a higher number of pixels, referred to megapixels; you ideally need over 5 although with today’s cameras it would be hard to find one under that anyway.

Generally speaking the higher the mega pixels, the better the actual photograph will come out where a mega pixel is equivalent to one million pixels. This increase in megapixels means that poster size pictures can be easily printed. The best models will often have a large LCD screens to help you frame your subject without having to squint in the viewfinder. The best quality digital cameras are able to touch up and edit the images this is an excellent feature to have as standard.

However, if you remember that a large screen equals higher power consumption, smaller screen, lower power consumption you can’t go wrong so just carry a spare set of rechargeable batteries with you everywhere. More and more digital cameras are coming equipped with an optical zoom and this is the sort to try for even if it is only a three times power. Low spec cameras that only cost a fraction for their quality cousins will only have a digital zoom; unless you really aren’t at all fussy about your shots you would be well advised to stay clear of buying a digital zoom only camera. As there are so many types of storage card available you will have to ensure you buy the correct one.

Memory cards are used in all sorts of electronic gadgets and you may already have heard of the main ones: Sony’s Memory Stick, compact Flash, Secure Digital and XD cards for example. Fortunately the price for digital memory seem to fall in line with the size of cameras resolution increases so buy the largest you can affords and that is compatible with your version. For example, for the price of a 64mb card a couple of years ago you can probably now buy a 1 gigabyte and now some memory cards can go up to 16 gigabytes. Remember, the camera must suit the type of person you are as much as your wallet as there is no point having the best digital camera if you do not use it. If you enjoy taking shots with your new toy and use it regularly then that is all you can ask from a camera isn’t it?


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