Truck Accessories Toronto Truck Accessories Toronto Hitch City’s roots go back to 1969 with a 5 bay service station located in Mississauga. Over the years we evolved from an auto repair shop into the trailer hitch and vehicle accessory specialists we are today. Since 1991, Hitch City has expanded to three retail locations: Mississauga, Scarborough [...]

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Funny Commercial Advertising Romania Sleeping Trucker Duration : 0:0:41 Technorati Tags: ad, ads, boy, boys, Car, cars, comedy, commercial, commercials, doarme, Driver, Drivers, funny, gentleman, gentlemen, guy, guys, MAN, men, pub, publicity, reclame, road, romania, Romanian, Romanians, romeni, romeno, roumain, roumains, Roumania, roumanian, roumanians, Roumanie, rumäner, Rumania, rumanian, rumanians, Rumänien, rumänische, rumano, rumanos, rumeni, rumeno, [...]

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pub renault laguna avec éric cantona Duration : 0:1:32 Technorati Tags: 2009, 2010, advert, black, cantona, commercial, edition, éric, estate, Football, française, infomercial, laguna, Mozart, new, nouvelle, pub, publicité, renault, version, with

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SDBCreativeGroup Creative, Midland Texas, commercial, advertisement, 1080, Rhino, Truck, Accessories, B & W, gooseneck hitch, Rhino Lining, bed liner, Ranch Hand, grill guard, RinoRhino Truck Accessories – B&W Duration : 0:0:31 Technorati Tags: 1080, accessories, advertisement, B & W, bed liner, commercial, gooseneck hitch, grill guard, Midland Texas, Ranch Hand, Rhino, Rhino Lining, Rino, SDB [...]

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Oklahoma has four weeks to start checking truck drivers’ health or risk losing millions of dollars a year. Duration : 0:0:29 Technorati Tags: commercial, Drivers, Health, truck

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not official one, but circulating the web Duration : 0:0:21 Technorati Tags: commercial, Terrorist, volkswagen, vw

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Vintage TV Commercial – 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge Duration : 0:0:23 Technorati Tags: Car, commercial, judge, pontiac, tv

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My Blog : Cops Ticketing Truck Drivers , Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspection Duration : 0:1:31 Technorati Tags: alabama, athens, atlanta, birmingham, commercial, cops, drive, Driver, Drivers, drives, Driving, duluth, freeway, georgia, Highway, inspection, jim, License, macon, marietta, motor, pelham, police, road, safety, savannah, seat, spot, Ticketing, traffic, truck, Vehicle, while

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“There are good ideas, there are great ideas, then, there are ideas that meet a higher standard, and those are the only ideas that make in into our trucks and SUVs.” – – – According to AdTunes, the voiceover was by Will Arnett, and Human, NYC did the music. Duration : 0:1:3 Technorati Tags: cars, [...]

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Fantastic commercial shot in good ol’ Aotearoa. Agency was W+K (London); directed by Ivan Zacharias (Smuggler). Duration : 0:2:1 Technorati Tags: advertising, best, bikes, cars, commercial, dreams, f1, fast, honda, impossible, island, motor, new, racing, south, speed, tvc, zealand

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