Complaining is a prerequisite of a Truckers job. Trucker to Trucker issues regarding reckless drivers, accident delays and inclement weather obstacles. Come trucking along with Jim as he shares his experiences, issues, political views, opinions and stories while on the road. “Drive safely” is his motto! There’s to many irresponsible out of control drivers. [...]

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A young lady from Brasov Romania…married,she has 2 beautiful girls,one is 5 and other 11…is driving with pasion and pleasure .. a big truck,full with wood, 18.75 m !!!! What do you thing about it ? Duration : 0:9:16 Technorati Tags: amazing, best, BIG, camion, drive, Driver, Driving, experience, pasion, pleasure, profesional, road, skill, tir, [...]

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stbtamas, Driving, Road, Driver, Traffic, Safety, Drivers, Highway, Cars, Personal, Computer, PC, video game, GameScania Truck Driving Simulator – Dangerous Drives – Gameplay (HD)2012-08-09 Duration : 0:51:2 Technorati Tags: cars, computer, drive, Driver, Drivers, Driving, game, Highway, PC, Personal, road, safety, traffic, Video Game

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scanis trucks driving simuladores 2012 VIDEO 2 Cars Truck Automobiles “Automobile (Industry)” “Driving (Amusement Ride Theme)” “Industry (Literature Subject)” Atlanta Drive Georgia Used Birmingham Road “Georgia (country)” Nissan Alabama Driver Safety New Traffic Drivers Mazda Highway Volkswagen Marietta Hyundai Infiniti Autos Jim Sedan Seat Volvo Athens Savannah Maxima Duluth Honda Saturn Way Toyota Bmw Automotive [...]

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This is a great fun game that moves at a nice slow pace, even my girlfriend had great fun driving the trucks along some pretty tricky roads. It’s very realistic and once you work out the sleeping hours it becomes a much easier game to play. oh yeah watch out for those fines they soon [...]

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haiagain2012, TRUCK, DRIVERS, DANGEROUS, ROADS, accidentes, crash, Driving, Drive, Road, show, Hummer, H1, off, accidents, Incredible, Video, Lucky, to, be, alive, NEW, DEERE, 764, HIGH, SPEED, DOZER!, URO, VAMTAC., accident, chase, skid, Police, Crashes, Auto, Cars, Driver, benz, tetra, scania, toyotta, bmw, Ford, Mercedes, Car Crash, tata, lyeland, maheendra, jeep, dodge, eagle, chevrolet, gmc, oakland, [...]


~This is Part 1 of 2 of the California Pre-Trip inspection~ ~For Part Two Click On The Link Below.~ Duration : 0:11:50 Technorati Tags: bus, CDL, country, drive, Driving, field, inspection, pre, road, roads, Safeway, School, travel, trip, truck

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Mercedes-Benz new ACTROS 2011 trucks driving scenes Duration : 0:7:47 Technorati Tags: 2011, ACTROS, drive, Driving, Mercedes Benz, new, scenes, trucks

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See how Australian truck driver Joe Randello beat off stiff competition to win Johnnie Walker’s Drive of a Lifetime competition. The prize? Three adrenaline-filled laps in the very same MP4-23 that Lewis Hamilton drove to victory in at the 2008 Santander British Grand Prix, all with Jenson Button watching!! Duration : 0:4:36 Technorati Tags: Button, [...]

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How to build your rod from scratch. Follow along as Scott Graves designs, fabricates, and assembles another fun hot rod out of a 1937 GMC pickup. Power comes from a 1962 235 inline 6, mates to a S10 T5, and sends it to a pair of 7.50-17 BF Goodrich tires thru the 3.08 geared rearend. [...]

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