Police chases in Dallas Texas, the driver stole the truck, and waves in and out of traffic dangerously. He hits several cars and even a school bus. Eventually he gets shot by police Duration : 0:4:24 Technorati Tags: 2010, best, burnout, chase, dallas, dangerous, domination, Driver, Driving, freeway, GTA, illegal, insane, massacre, police, racing, road, [...]

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Check out our Rude Driver blog: Follow us on twitter: Duration : 0:1:24 Technorati Tags: Angeles, angels, BAD, ca, California, County, Driver, Drivers, Driving, los, orange, RAIN, Rude, the, truck

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Binman rescues runaway stroller after mother LETS GO of her baby to stop and chat to friends. This video captures the moment a garbage truck driver saved a baby from serious injury when his mother let go of his stroller and it rolled down a hill into a road. Jeff Blackburn was driving a CleanScapes [...]

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Complaining is a prerequisite of a Truckers job. Trucker to Trucker issues regarding reckless drivers, accident delays and inclement weather obstacles. Come trucking along with Jim as he shares his experiences, issues, political views, opinions and stories while on the road. “Drive safely” is his motto! There’s to many irresponsible out of control drivers. [...]

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Neoficiální gameplay bety Scania Truck Driving Simulator pro portál SvětSim. ————————————————————­——————-­­­——————————- Unofficial gameplay of the beta of Scania Truck Driving Simulator The Game for the SvětSim funsite. Poznámka: Toto video nereprezentuje finální podobu hry. Vše, co je v něm k vidění, je z nedokončené verze (beta) a může obsahovat chyby nebo nesprávné chování. Mějte toto [...]

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admin on August 13th, 2012

A young lady from Brasov Romania…married,she has 2 beautiful girls,one is 5 and other 11…is driving with pasion and pleasure .. a big truck,full with wood, 18.75 m !!!! What do you thing about it ? Duration : 0:9:16 Technorati Tags: amazing, best, BIG, camion, drive, Driver, Driving, experience, pasion, pleasure, profesional, road, skill, tir, [...]

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stbtamas, Driving, Road, Driver, Traffic, Safety, Drivers, Highway, Cars, Personal, Computer, PC, video game, GameScania Truck Driving Simulator – Dangerous Drives – Gameplay (HD)2012-08-09 Duration : 0:51:2 Technorati Tags: cars, computer, drive, Driver, Drivers, Driving, game, Highway, PC, Personal, road, safety, traffic, Video Game

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Funny Commercial Advertising Romania Sleeping Trucker Duration : 0:0:41 Technorati Tags: ad, ads, boy, boys, Car, cars, comedy, commercial, commercials, doarme, Driver, Drivers, funny, gentleman, gentlemen, guy, guys, MAN, men, pub, publicity, reclame, road, romania, Romanian, Romanians, romeni, romeno, roumain, roumains, Roumania, roumanian, roumanians, Roumanie, rumäner, Rumania, rumanian, rumanians, Rumänien, rumänische, rumano, rumanos, rumeni, rumeno, [...]

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Insane truck driver in Russia on winter time. Must see, shocking viedeo Duration : 0:1:3 Technorati Tags: Driver, insane, slip, truck, Winter

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admin on July 14th, 2012 This video I talk about how to make money in trucking, I give the a strategy that any over the road new trucker can use. This is also why I quit my job at Werner Enterprise. Duration : 0:7:6 Technorati Tags: 101, 18, company, Driver, Driving, pay, Salary, School, semi, Semi-trailer Truck, trainer, truck, [...]

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