Complaining is a prerequisite of a Truckers job. Trucker to Trucker issues regarding reckless drivers, accident delays and inclement weather obstacles. Come trucking along with Jim as he shares his experiences, issues, political views, opinions and stories while on the road. “Drive safely” is his motto! There’s to many irresponsible out of control drivers. [...]

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Gary Parsons owned his own construction business, until one day he decided that what he really wanted to do was drive a truck. Hear his story and see why some people are just meant to be drivers. There are no shortcuts™. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: CHECK OUR WEBSITE: [...]

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Funny Commercial Advertising Romania Sleeping Trucker Duration : 0:0:41 Technorati Tags: ad, ads, boy, boys, Car, cars, comedy, commercial, commercials, doarme, Driver, Drivers, funny, gentleman, gentlemen, guy, guys, MAN, men, pub, publicity, reclame, road, romania, Romanian, Romanians, romeni, romeno, roumain, roumains, Roumania, roumanian, roumanians, Roumanie, rumäner, Rumania, rumanian, rumanians, Rumänien, rumänische, rumano, rumanos, rumeni, rumeno, [...]

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Trucking pay sucks specialy since we all get paid miles and only by the mile, but what about all the time we spend between the miles sitting and waiting to get a load or to get unloaded or loaded Duration : 0:26:11 Technorati Tags: Drivers, truck, truckers, trucking

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Big Rig (2008) is a documentary film by Doug Pray about long-haul truck drivers. The film consists of a series of interviews with different drivers, focusing on both their personal life stories and also the life and culture of truck drivers in the United States. Worth to watch : ) Trucks photos at: Duration [...]

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Lindsay Lawler’s music video to the song written by Lawler and Chris Roberts, which is a tribute to all of the Highway Angels out there….men and women drivers who have saved lives and performed extraordinary acts out on the road. Highway Angel is a non-profit organization run by the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA). For more [...]

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The pay for Student Truck Drivers is often over-inflated by unethical trucking recruiters, in your 1st year an accurate estimation with bonuses is more likely to be about $35K , maybe $37 but you should know the TRICKS that Truck Training Carriers will pull to cheat you out of money & nickel & dime you [...]

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We are in Italy tomorrrow we have to unload and load cargo so waiting hot and hard job day tomorrow . Unload place was near San Marino. Songs. Example – Never had a day Example – Millionaires have a good time! This day we was drive 10h 900km so that because hard day.. With Respect, [...]

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Finding a Female Trainer in Trucking is difficult. This is Part 2 of my interview with my friend Darlene about some of the challenges she has training Women. We discuss advice on how female students can start off on the right foot if they are fortunate enough to get a female to train them Duration [...]

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With nearly 26 lakh truck drivers on strike, the market has come to a standstill. Duration : 0:2:42 Technorati Tags: 26 lakhs, business, Demands, Diesel price Hike, istream, Lorry, Makkal news, makkal TV, Market, Standstill, Stopped, truck drivers, truckers, trucks, Twenty Six

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