0 1969 Pontiac GTO JudgeVintage TV Commercial – 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge

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25 Comments on 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge

  1. gotyourtongue says:

    Warning: if you are …
    Warning: if you are looking for a used motor do not buy from Engine and Transmission World located in Cudahy, Wi. Owners: Mark Dobrenko and Allen Simmons two scum bags. Google Engine and Transmission World and read about all the people they have scammed. They send out a defective motor that will not run knowing you will return it but then they charge a 25% restocking fee then turn around and sell the piece of junk to the next poor fool. BEWARE !!! These guys are crooks.

  2. FrankP2011 says:

    Cool video
    Cool video

  3. ClanChattan14 says:

    such a cheesy ad …
    such a cheesy ad for such a good car :)

  4. USSWISCONSIN64 says:

    @andytayt Yet the …
    @andytayt Yet the UK can’t even make even if it got a day lesson on shit. And looked at it and sucked on it too.

  5. Nato61 says:

    I remember being in …
    I remember being in my neighbors Judge. It was orange. I remember he had work done to it and had Tri-power installed by Jimmy King. He would drop the hammer at around 50 and all broke loose. Wish I had that car now. I think he does too .

  6. BumbleBeeGS says:

    Stupid commercial …
    Stupid commercial but amazing car.

  7. memooog says:

    best car ever maid

    best car ever maid

  8. dumfart21 says:

    should have bought …
    should have bought more, could have been rich

  9. outlier56 says:

    changed my life.
    changed my life.

  10. sammm208 says:

    Thank you MJND 1990 …
    Thank you MJND 1990 if i ever got onre of those oh man!!

  11. pickle965 says:

    @andytayt <– …
    @andytayt <– Jeremy Clarkson’s parrot found it’s way on YouTube!

  12. tandaman538 says:

    @HolyCraq123456789 …
    @HolyCraq123456789 in 69 they were only like $4,000 now they are priced all over depending on condition

  13. andytayt says:

    The thing with …
    The thing with Americans is that they can put a man on the moon and make stealth aircrafts but they can rarely make a good car

  14. acrewer says:

    el juez es la mera …
    el juez es la mera neta! arriba GTO!

  15. GodericG says:

    Japanese …

    Japanese cars are piece of shit.
    European cars are very safe.

  16. HolyCraq123456789 says:

    so how much would a …
    so how much would a brand new 69 pontiac gto judge cost? just an estimate $30,000-$90,000 is my guess/ i don’t know that much about cars

  17. lokrat2 says:

    A witty one liner …
    A witty one liner trying to justify that American car companies have not made garbage. Personally, I would love to see the American car companies make infinitely better cars than the foreign companies, which they are very capable of doing.

  18. shiftedx2 says:

    yeah the fact that …
    yeah the fact that they keep accelerating when u let off the throttle is pure quality

  19. cosmin5678 says:

    they just don’t …
    they just don’t make cars and commercials like this :D

  20. lokrat2 says:


  21. lokrat2 says:

    Notice how there’s …
    Notice how there’s not a page of fine print at the bottom…no stupid voice talking about worthless garbage. It’s straight forward in a col way.

  22. lokrat2 says:

    Peugeot is French. …
    Peugeot is French. They’re pieces of shit. I hate Japanese cars but they ARE quality.

  23. lokrat2 says:

    You’ve gotta be …
    You’ve gotta be kidding me eclipse245. Do you realize how incredibly stupid you sound?

  24. Hollowminder says:

    @ primer, i …
    @ primer, i garantee a 69 judge would rape the outta whever ur driving, and besides that its a gm so you

  25. koenigseggv81 says:

    @Primer9 a spec V …
    @Primer9 a spec V gto prototype can run a 11.5 sec 1320

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