0 Insane Jump by a Buick La sabreA video for everyone to enjoy

Duration : 0:0:48

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25 Comments on Insane Jump by a Buick La sabre

  1. Geraldtoo says:

    Hell a Buick Le …
    a Buick Le Sabre is worth something after all.

  2. grpanos13 says:

    Hahaha thats funny …
    Hahaha thats funny as shit!!!!

  3. thrasher1983 says:

    I’m gonna watch …
    I’m gonna watch this again with the back to the future theme playing lol

  4. ndaguanno says:

    Don’t know if …
    Don’t know if anyone said this comment yet, but them duke boys are at it again.

  5. scottboy9888 says:

    49 black ppl …
    49 black ppl disliked this video cause the car had no chrome…. but unfortunately chrome wont get you home

  6. ElidiaEugenacp559 says:

    hmz wer is deutsch
    hmz wer is deutsch

  7. TheDieselDeck says:

    they’re just some …
    they’re just some good ole boys

  8. fred1671 says:

    That was insane! …
    That was insane! They just don’t build ‘em like that any more,

  9. mike184ever1 says:

    yeah what they all …
    yeah what they all said!!!

  10. realguy197 says:

    wow that was killer …
    wow that was killer good air time

  11. MechRider89 says:

    wow!…..thats just …
    wow!…..thats just bad for the whole car, gotta have bent the frame there! oh well….just a domestic there replaceable!

  12. alienjoe123 says:

    @MrCheck30 haha u …
    @MrCheck30 haha u said tranny.

  13. sfrance783 says:

    buang jud di…
    buang jud di…

  14. MrCheck30 says:

    isnt doing this …
    isnt doing this gonna blow the tranny???

  15. ddawg132 says:

    i cant even tell …
    i cant even tell you how bad that could have ended.

  16. TheLennyz says:

    lets just hit a …
    lets just hit a tree and die.

  17. SouthshoreVice says:

    Holy the thing …
    Holy the thing didn’t even bottom out.

  18. hpjunky70 says:

    That’s soooo awsome.
    That’s soooo awsome.

  19. 4Fordonly says:

    @XythenAndRyooshi i …
    @XythenAndRyooshi i have to buy a new laptop now cuz i just launched my mouthful of drink on it XD

  20. 05turbogsxr says:

    good shocks
    good shocks

  21. njmvermont says:


  22. calcatchem says:

    nice to see a Buick …
    nice to see a Buick video where it aint ballered out on 26″ rims bouncing

  23. M3M7ksa says:

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  24. 112leo says:

    @XythenAndRyooshi …
    @XythenAndRyooshi key words being “never abused”

  25. Thepatriot9998 says:

    you mind if i …
    you mind if i borrow your car grandma? hahahaha

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