0 Porsche commercialA porsche commercial spot

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  1. dokhaven says:

    @gallevy3313 Since …
    @gallevy3313 Since Porsche was on tv

  2. lofutyi93 says:

    we proud you …
    we proud you Ferdinand Porsche. You realizing our dreams =)
    R.I.P (1875-1951)

  3. gallevy3313 says:

    since when …
    since when commercial last 3 minutes?

  4. itszkk says:

    @Nuke9X while …
    @Nuke9X while paddels and sport automatics are nice, a true driver uses 3 pedals not 2

  5. Nuke9X says:

    @itszkk It’s called …
    @itszkk It’s called progress, so in 21 century you don’t have to masturbate with a stick.

  6. aguilasblancasgloria says:

    its called 911 …
    its called 911 because with those HP you will surely have to call for some backup when you crash!

  7. nytmare124 says:

    @Joakim207 dude, …
    @Joakim207 dude, the 911 has been here since the 1950s, long before there were any twin towers, besides why wud they name a car after a tragic date .. .. :P

  8. samael979 says:


  9. Getzrules says:

    I will buy one…! …
    I will buy one…! Only 10 years left ^^

  10. linux750 says:

    this is a well made …
    this is a well made commercial

  11. csmaq says:

    @Joakim207 no the …
    @Joakim207 no the 911 series is made in 1963

  12. ConverseFan7000 says:

    @fallenf1owers …
    @fallenf1owers according to my calculations, If I ever get enough money to buy a porsche i’ll be in my 30s. thats 15 years away. my dad will be like 70 in 15 years. he might not be in the condition to drive. But yeah i guess i’ll get him a Porsche and then my ’67 Mustang.

  13. fallenf1owers says:

    @ConverseFan7000 …
    @ConverseFan7000 should it be you driving up his driveway with a porsche for him as a gift? then when you have enough money, you will get one for yourself? they come first. respect.

  14. Joakim207 says:


  15. Joakim207 says:

    They med a car …
    They med a car after 9/11?

  16. M0b1u5 says:

    @pologolf91 Meh. …
    @pologolf91 Meh. Why wait? Just go and buy an old 911! They are not expensive, and a good one will be reasonably inexpensive to maintain, provided that you set a budget for maintenance.

    A great man once told me, before I brought my first Porsche 928, a very great truth: There is no such thing as a budget 928, only a budget FOR a 928. How right he was. I spent over $60K fixing up my 928. And I still own it. I probably always will. :)

  17. itszkk says:

    @adamsiker anywhere …
    @adamsiker anywhere between $60,000 – $209,000 there’s over 20 different Porsche 911s soo the price range is quite large. If you are going to get her a porsche for the love of GOD teach her how to drive a manual its so sad to see these cars fitted with gearboxes for wimps.

  18. Noobkilla2008 says:

    @adamsiker If …
    @adamsiker If you’re asking, you can’t afford it.

  19. adamsiker says:

    I’m thinking of …
    I’m thinking of getting this car for my daughter’s birth day so how much does it cost?

  20. PanikZebrafisch says:

    this car is awesome
    this car is awesome

  21. shobin05 says:

    i think porsches …
    i think porsches are driven by cool people…
    think about it, everyone would run off to buy a lambo or a gtr while the people who dont care about practicality, looks, price, they sacrifice everything to own the greatest driving machine…
    True drivers..

  22. docstruthers says:

    To bad salesman …
    To bad salesman with that kind of patience and compassion don’t really exist. You get a showroom full of crap with salesmen/women like that and you’ll sell every car. lol

  23. dotcomprof says:

    The kid reminds me …
    The kid reminds me of me when I was in 12. Same passion forever passion for cars.

  24. k1ng4life says:

    For ones in life I …
    For ones in life I actually seem to like this commercial. I like the part where the kid said, I’ll see you in about 20 yrs.

    Its not stupid like some other ones.

  25. SergioNacho1 says:

    Why can’t ads be …
    Why can’t ads be like this now?

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