0 Volkswagen Terrorist Commercialnot official one, but circulating the web

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25 Comments on Volkswagen Terrorist Commercial

  1. ClydeFromSouthPark says:


  2. hawaiiwave100 says:

    they should be …
    they should be ashamed for promoting the propoganda

  3. dasautomega says:

    LOL! EPIC!
    LOL! EPIC!

  4. rob6van1dam9 says:

    This is offensive …
    This is offensive to terrorists worldwide! Terrorists use far more powerful bombs! Wtf was that? Four C4s strapped to his chest? That’s it? HA! 

  5. fatnlazychinc says:

    Lol hilarious!
    Lol hilarious!

  6. 602746 says:


  7. Quality0nly says:


  8. oldshirley says:

    Love it. Wonder if …
    Love it. Wonder if it will show in the USA.

  9. ijible says:

    LOOOOOL! You said …
    LOOOOOL! You said no more weight jokes! Now even your iPad is mocking me.

  10. KHutch73 says:

    @ijible you’re one …
    @ijible you’re one beef sausage smelling, shish kebab sicko piece of Sith. Btut you’re still my best mate you sand bigger.

  11. ijible says:

    Listen here infidel …
    Listen here infidel, I have been a Canadian for so long I spell it EH-Rab.

    Plus I drive a Mark 2 so you’re still screwed.

  12. KHutch73 says:

    My best friend is …
    My best friend is an A-rab, he drives a VW, we are safe.

  13. PSNSCORPO8972 says:

    I love how they say …
    I love how they say they were told that they will recieve 72 virgins but weren’t told if they were female virgins!!! Well they are assfucked, literally XD

  14. MrAmericanidiot1995 says:

    the terrorist: …
    the terrorist: Medic!

    the Medic: *trollface*

  15. Str4t0sPh3rE says:

    @uzbegi At what …
    @uzbegi At what point of this video indicated that the terrorist was a Muslim?

  16. jglassdude says:

    trying to figure …
    trying to figure out how it’s insulting to Muslims, was there something in the commercial denoting anyone’s religion? ummm..nope. You’re the racist for assuming he’s Muslim!!

  17. tazo0320 says:

    Love it !!
    Love it !!

  18. RojoGatto says:

    Suck on it, …
    Suck on it, terrorist.

  19. zasquahanzee says:

    “The best thing you …
    “The best thing you can do with tyrants & opressors is to make fun of them”…. Mel Brooks. Mel would be proud of this ad!

  20. legomunny says:

    @ …
    “but if they want to my Christians”
    Christfags are retarded.

  21. toomuchcaffeinetoday says:

    @uzbegi Christian …
    @uzbegi Christian extremists are mocked all the time in TV…I’m Christian…but if they want to my Christians so be it…I’m not going to get offended…Christian extremists are crazy…hell, a lot of regular Christians are crazy. I doubt a modern day sensible half-secular Muslim is going to be offended by this…the ones that are probably won’t even see the commercial. And Scooter is right…I’ve never heard of British women be made of for not washing their armpits…its bad teeth, bro.

  22. Scootertuner1000 says:

    @uzbegi You haven;t …
    @uzbegi You haven;t a clue what you are talking about. When have British women been made fun of for not washing their pits, they haven’t because it simply is not true. Try harder next time Mustaffa.

  23. uzbegi says:

    @Scootertuner1000 …
    @Scootertuner1000 well listen to me my wise-ass british friend, maybe it isn’t racist but its f#@king insulting to muslims. I don’t think british people would have found it funny for brits to be mocked like when their women are made fun for not washing their pits (which seems true so often)

  24. kentaro912 says:

    @Ca20Po kiss my …
    @Ca20Po kiss my racist

  25. vinayoo says:

    super one…

    super one…

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