0 crazy tank truck driverdrifting like mad!

Duration : 0:1:14

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25 Comments on crazy tank truck driver

  1. demichaelR says:

    Professional gas …
    Professional gas mixer.

  2. russ3333333333333333 says:

    Pause very early in …
    Pause very early in the vid and you’ll see an explosion to the right I wonder what the that was

  3. david30286 says:

    is he stuipe he …
    is he stuipe he could have kill someone or him self

  4. RayAir1 says:

    Keep Mexican trucks …
    Keep Mexican trucks out of the U.S

  5. niftybman says:

    Who needs escorts …
    Who needs escorts when u have that
    It’s like yelling “GET THE OUT OF MY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  6. Insidiafa says:

    Nub driver
    Nub driver

  7. MARTRELL17 says:


  8. TheBaddestJews says:

    Who was his …
    Who was his driving instructor?

  9. Shanehernandez1021 says:


  10. rumitup1 says:

    No that is real and …
    No that is real and he was so very lucky to hang on to that that is one very good,experienced truckie (he must drink bundy rum to) :)

  11. boogeyman12580 says:

    it looks like it …
    it looks like it was on purpose because he stopped just a bit b4 a car came the other way

  12. Duke1533funnay says:

    It is actually real …
    It is actually real=0. I saw someone doin this in lousiana it is scary to be behind!

  13. dominojeffery says:

    Hö£¥ shit
    Hö£¥ shit

  14. 7120062 says:


  15. mxr1d3r12 says:

    This is easy to do …
    This is easy to do but dangerous lol

  16. jackiequintero13 says:

    Holy crap is he on …
    Holy crap is he on crack

  17. alexis67405 says:


  18. zillydalon says:

    He’s drunk
    He’s drunk

  19. godkilla357 says:

    This guy has …
    This guy has watched too much Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift

  20. spacinandy69 says:

    Must be here in the …
    Must be here in the UK
    Our roads are shit
    Hang on..no traffic
    And he’s got diesel
    Not here then..

  21. GGCStorm says:

    Drink beer every …
    Drink beer every day :) 

  22. Nickelmancrooks says:

    Turkey sandwich
    Turkey sandwich

  23. sylvestroo says:

    smoke weed every …
    smoke weed every day:)

  24. jeffcobra33 says:


  25. RO90004 says:

    Ya me imagino su …
    Ya me imagino su cara del trailero fuck!!!!  :O

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