0 Google Maps for truck driversA demonstration of how a pro long haul trucker uses Google Maps for work and play.

Duration : 0:9:35

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7 Comments on Google Maps for truck drivers

  1. killer2600 says:

    Learned something …
    Learned something new, I never thought of using terrain view that way.

    I also use Mapquest at times, google maps doesn’t always have the newer streets listed and I keep Microsoft Streets and Trips as a good ol stand by when I’m out of mobile broadband (in the boonies or in canada) and wi-fi range when I want a overall view with the ability to zoom in and search for things where the GPS would be slow and tedious for such purpose.

  2. smd5231 says:

    Glad the vid was …
    Glad the vid was of use. Thanks for watching.

  3. beerrunner81 says:

    I have Rand in my …
    I have Rand in my truck and it works very well for this kind of stuff. But I also use Google to pin-point an address. And PC miler to show me the run. Thanks to you I can let Google do all that right from the start. Rand get’s it right most of the time, but this is better. Thank you.

  4. ryanmajor2 says:

    Google maps is …
    Google maps is great, I use it just like you and I use it on my android phone all the time.

  5. smd5231 says:

    Thanks. That was …
    Thanks. That was what I was looking for!

  6. calypsosoca says:

    by the way: i …
    by the way: i found you via the Web Trucker Collection on Facebook :-)

  7. calypsosoca says:

    at about 7:00 do …
    at about 7:00 do you mean street view? if so the easiest way is to drag & drop the little orange guy right on top of the scroll bar on the left of the map. streets get a blue overlay showing where you can drop it. if you don’t get a blue overlay you cannot drop it at this position. maybe you’ll find little blue circles indicating photos that were taken at this position. not as good as street view but can help as well ;-)

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