0 Great Truck Driver ( great skills)great truck dring skills~

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25 Comments on Great Truck Driver ( great skills)

  1. AL0229 says:

    Meanwhile in Norway …
    Meanwhile in Norway :p

  2. SebSk says:

    Lol, Trollstigen, …
    Lol, Trollstigen, the bane of many a Dane and Dutch tourist :)

  3. DragracingX says:

    cant do that with a …
    cant do that with a freightliner or one of those big nosed trucks can you.
    i think?

  4. Tudizt4r says:

    how the did I …
    how the did I end up here?

  5. Hansteikekara says:

    i think

    i think

  6. Hansteikekara says:

    thats trollstigen …
    thats trollstigen norway

  7. ghorardim0 says:

    very good indeed
    very good indeed

  8. tesseract666 says:

    @Tomakak Well, sir. …
    @Tomakak Well, sir… where do u live then? cuz those roads are used everywhere dude! Seriously man…..

  9. TahreyUK says:

    @Visnitchi How? …
    @Visnitchi How? Where?

  10. TahreyUK says:

    balls the size of a …
    balls the size of a planet!

  11. mujaffa15 says:

    that’s a nice road …
    that’s a nice road by norwegian standards :P

  12. mekkiz says:

    who the is …
    who the is stupid enough to make road like this?

  13. santhosh04fabre says:

    what a talented …
    what a talented truck driver he must be!!!

  14. totzkie1103 says:

    the craziest road …
    the craziest road scheme i’ve ever seen o.O

  15. HesseJamez says:

    You …

    You mixed it up with Denmark

  16. KiingWalrus says:

    Who the …
    Who the decided to make the road like that?

  17. wdowa94 says:


  18. ianbonchets says:

    That is some …
    That is some serious skills.

  19. MrJoeHelmet says:

    Like a BU… Oh, …
    Like a BU… Oh, wait… Like a TRUCK!!

  20. caitlinbenjoe says:

    guess the sat nav …
    guess the sat nav took him the scenic route.

  21. Kristiaan1986 says:

    This video ik make …
    This video ik make in Norway at the Trollstigen.

  22. rachidkamikas says:

    you this is …
    you this is in MOROCCO Azilal City

  23. sondrens says:

    god bless norwegian …
    god bless norwegian roads.

  24. jancombeDK says:

    He’s hauling …
    He’s hauling mexicans across the border. Make way.

  25. Jasukyn says:

    Hijos de puta xD
    Hijos de puta xD

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