0 Highway truck driver vs RobbersTruck drivers gave a lesson to racketeers.
truck driver is changing a tire and some youths try to blackmail him. Truck driver calls for backup.

Truck driver was stopped by some guys who “kindly asked” for some money, otherwise he would have serious troubles…
Here is what happens to racketeers when they try to attack Russian truck drivers! Дальнобойщики проучили вымогателей на трассе.
Russian long-haul truckers cooperates through radio & kick some road-racketeers asses!

Duration : 0:6:57

9 Comments on Highway truck driver vs Robbers

  1. blueprojectstyle says:


  2. rub702 says:

    in soviet russia, …
    in soviet russia, truck robs you

  3. DeeDee Jaybull says:

    OMG xD lol
    OMG xD lol

  4. 25augs says:

    glad those …
    glad those got what they deserved ! TOTAL RESPECT FOR THE TRUCKERS !

  5. alecs2good4 says:

    ha ha
    ha ha

  6. Leka5oo says:

    18 punchs of steel
    18 punchs of steel

  7. Rolex . says:

    This is called …
    This is called true brotherhood…..respect!

  8. Morosanu Stefan says:

    Nokia ring tone.:))
    Nokia ring tone.:))

  9. Andreas Haiduc says:

    respect man….
    respect man….

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