0 Red Sovine   Truck Drivers PrayerRed Sovine

Truck Driver’s Prayer

Van de LP:
Interstate Truckers

Duration : 0:2:56

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25 Comments on Red Sovine – Truck Driver’s Prayer

  1. HPCSEU2010 says:

    @baltimoresandra …
    @baltimoresandra that is from the soundtrack Chrome…He is a retired trucker….and it is so true…I am getting ready to be going over the road..My dad has drove for many years..and even more both my papaws drove for years my uncles aunts have all drove my brother even drives…So it runs deep in my blood

  2. schreiber46 says:


    the author of ur lil diddy there is ray carlisle

  3. schreiber46 says:


    the author of ur lil diddy there is ray carlisle

  4. mysteriouschick1039 says:

    my papa just died.. …
    my papa just died…. do when i think of him i think of red sovine… <3 may peace and love be with you

  5. alabamajamma says:


  6. Conservative1964 says:

    10-4 …


  7. BaltimoreSandra says:

    Trucks move …
    Trucks move material to make the steel
    And everything in your next meal
    From Beans, to rice, to sugarcane
    It all ends up in that left lane
    The lumber it took to build your house
    Your clothes, to your computer mouse
    Everything that’s in your yard
    The gas you just put in your car
    When that “Big Rig” is on the street
    He might be haulin, what you eat
    He brought the goods for that newborn
    That later tells him ” Blow Your Horn”
    “Author Unknown”

  8. SuperCountry3 says:

    to all you truckers …
    to all you truckers be safe and keep it on the road keep your foot on the petal

  9. krikdogg says:

    got this prayer …
    got this prayer printed out an keep on my visor in my truck

  10. boobear1ca says:

    my dad is a truck …
    my dad is a truck driver and i hope and pray everyday that he will be safe out there on the roads may all the truck drivers out there get home to thier familys safe and sound

  11. mrDrummerize says:

    God bless all …
    God bless all truckers on the road. 10-4

  12. TelepathicTeapot says:

    wont …

    wont let me post the link grrrr
    but go on to w w w. play. com and type his name in the search bar and it will bring all of his stuff up

  13. mrtoeknee641 says:

    Wow! big red does …
    Wow! big red does it again, he was a great great poet. he used to play truck stop venues
    In the seventies, and he was a very talented man. teddybear was my fave as well as phantom 309 they are Classics.Great as We Used To Say ,Tear jerkers,Lol.another fav of mine, was. (Roses For Momma) If My memory Serves Me correct ,tittle Wise. thanks for the video. Y.T. MT ,Aka MrToe The Singing instrumentalist old school TruckDriver: Himself. Ttfn

  14. roadwolf2 says:

    does anyone know …
    does anyone know whaere i can get the tape shown in the start of the vid

  15. swlooneytoon88 says:

    I know that you are …
    I know that you are right about that.just about all his songs can bring the biggest of us truck drivers to tears. He is the one an only that brings tears to my eyes. when it comes to country music

  16. FubarFurlong says:


  17. timsricochet says:

    The deadliest job …
    The deadliest job in America, year after year, are the Commercial Drivers, but at least they are not pushed as hard now (or push themselves) because of the computer and the gps and (of course) better training.

  18. recordsstudios says:

    : )
    : )

  19. TheOgerKing says:

    Said this every day …
    Said this every day I woke up when I was on the road…Thanks God for listening, never an accident and only tickets were parking..lol…

  20. mongo5888 says:

    Amen to that …
    Amen to that brother. God bless Mr. Sovine…I pray that he is resting in peace right now.

  21. doormatgodfrey says:

    a song sues dad …
    a song sues dad listened to with her.she likes a lot.

  22. hennygulickx says:

    respect, dit geeft …
    respect, dit geeft je weer het gevoel dat een trucker een mens is

  23. MASKIN08 says:

    thank you for …
    thank you for posting this song

  24. MASKIN08 says:

    thank you for …
    thank you for posting this song

  25. djangiebaby says:

    Fantastic tune :) :) …
    Fantastic tune :) :):)

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