0 Russian insane Truck Driver!Russian insane Truck Driver!

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25 Comments on Russian insane Truck Driver!

  1. Phlegmwahn says:

    @MrJuno6 No wonder …
    @MrJuno6 No wonder there are fewer trees in and around Stockport. The Taiwanese loggers have been over for their Annual Appreciation Week and had a logging holiday! Time the Stockport Branch curbed their enthusiasm!!

  2. mate1337 says:

    @NachoCrank its …
    @NachoCrank its funny cus they chopping down trees

  3. MrJuno6 says:

    American loggers ? …
    American loggers ? Russian loggers? I’ve always been an great admirer of Taiwanese loggers, in fact I used to be president of the Stockport UK branch of the Taiwanese loggers appreciation society.

  4. titansky1001 says:

    @lagoon369 right on …
    @lagoon369 right on. they wouldn’t know if they haven’t been there:)

  5. tottekungen says:

    American loggers …
    American loggers just turned lost all my respect, russian loggers FTW! :D

  6. 4stringsbetter says:

    Что они говорят?
    Что они говорят?

  7. Vacre7 says:

    Well you can’t …
    Well you can’t drive through trees and you can drive through water so…

  8. Hackzoid says:

    DAT. truck
    DAT. truck

  9. BitGorilla says:


  10. Niercaaa says:

    @bociek1800 idiot?? …
    @bociek1800 idiot??? why?

  11. skiidzorgaming says:

    Must……Deliver.. …

  12. swedishfanofinflames says:

    What’s so speciall?
    What’s so speciall?

  13. iinlinespojken says:

    Like a boss! @ …
    Like a boss! @Existenz

  14. GENERAL1002 says:

    Hugh Rowland vs …
    Hugh Rowland vs This guy!

    Ice Road Truckers need to get out there! Awesome vid!

  15. piemasterp says:

    How did i get here …
    How did i get here from girls in bikinis shooting handguns…

  16. nvidia56 says:

    Wish I had a truck …
    Wish I had a truck like that lol, its a freakin tank

  17. bociek1800 says:


  18. filmftw3 says:


    These …

    These are vehicles with tank engines 2000 ft/lbs of torque at 1000 rpm and heavy duty 6×6 transmissions built to haul intercontinental missiles. But now its working in the forest hauling lumber. This thing will go through walls. Designed to work under water and at extreme angles.

  19. Namal23 says:

    Dono what’s insane …
    Dono what’s insane there. Russian’s don’t build roads. Thei build vehicles that can go everywhere.

  20. pendulap7 says:

    that can only …
    that can only russian truck… yes in In soviet russia Truck Drives you

  21. mrmrdean1 says:

    his name is mad …
    his name is mad vlad, and his driving is good not bad,he could have slowed down a tad and drove just like his dad, whos sad that his sons got the name of mad vlad, because people think that his driving is bad, so much so he got kicked in the nads by some lads whos dads said vlad was so bad. its a russian song now.

  22. MikeTechConsulting says:

    In soviet russia …
    In soviet russia Truck Drives you

  23. isurfu2ube says:


  24. Fischer0Dude says:

    @NachoCrank But …
    @NachoCrank But cheaper and more effective!

  25. Ymsetjenesta says:

    It´s a URAL 6×6…. …
    It´s a URAL 6×6….they have improvised the trailer……….but you have to respect those guys

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