0 Russian truck drivers were attacked by banditsThe bandits tried to extort money from truckers.

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  1. Tamayo1980 says:

    Yup even in Russia …
    Yup even in Russia they know when seconds count cops are hours away, so they take care of business themselves. In Mother Russia Truckers deliver Justice.

  2. BlowtheBridge says:

    In Soviet Russia, …
    In Soviet Russia, truckers pillage pirates!

  3. Jason Jackson says:

    The percentage of …
    The percentage of Russians who know how to throw punches properly never fails to amaze me. Nice gnp at 2:00.

    Good job guys, beat his ass. thieves.

  4. jazzbanjobanjoman says:

    I like this …

    I like this delivery of justice.
    Justice, punishment and long lasting deterrent in one easy lesson.

  5. Jason Jackson says:

    We got a great big …
    We got a great big convoy, ain’t it a beautiful sight!


    Also, one of the smokey and the bandit movies.

  6. Joe Pimpernel says:

    Have a nice day!
    Have a nice day!

  7. jdw99 says:

    Man, I need to get …
    Man, I need to get a cb radio, forget 911!

  8. darthalba says:

    The Only Way for …
    The Only Way for Evil to Triumph, is for Good Men to Do Nothing. But sometimes Good Men kick Evil’s and then flip its car over.

  9. Abaddon393 says:

    Lol @ them rolling …
    Lol @ them rolling the guys car over after they beat his :D

  10. xbuster17 says:

    lol i was not …
    lol i was not expecting them to flip the car that was crazy. hopefully people learn not to mess with each others, we’re all brothers we must live together and only decent way of living is living well among each others. one love

  11. 0psychoalien0 says:

    two bandits …
    two bandits dislike this video :)

  12. MsSadelik says:


  13. UndeadKIRA says:

    “The mob attack on …
    “The mob attack on truckers”
    i think the title is wrong

  14. ghos7bear says:

    Перевод “My name …
    Перевод “My name is table”

  15. skotc4 says:

    Вамп, блин, первая …
    Вамп, блин, первая версия видео была самая выразительная и интересная, нужно было просто добавить субтитры и всё.

    Стало как то постановочно. НУ имхо конечно. ну сам сравни.

  16. GeloRus says:

    Думал что гопники …
    Думал что гопники на дорогах в прошлом.
    А солидарность дальнобойщиков восхищает!

  17. vovanzagorodsky says:

    Перевод кривой
    Перевод кривой

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