0 Skilled truck driver   driving on the edge!Scania Driver Competitions celebrates skilled truck drivers who drive carefully in tough situations. Sign up here! http://www.scania.com/drivercompetitions or share your everyday challenges at http://www.scania.com/skills

Drivers such as Peruvian Henrry Tank Piedra, who travels steep, narrow mountain roads in the Andes. Tight corners, dense fog and vehicles approaching him at high speeds are but a few of his daily challenges.

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13 Comments on Skilled truck driver – driving on the edge!

  1. polkasnnolka says:


  2. cillaj says:

    Best one you made …
    Best one you made Scania!

  3. DanTheWarder says:

    All the credit in …
    All the credit in the world to these guys.

  4. DanTheWarder says:

    That was …
    That was frightening just to look at!

  5. squigs6141 says:



  6. xXyuyinXx says:

    Son las personas …
    Son las personas que también hacen posible el progreso del país.

  7. duxing0626 says:


  8. wagnercaminhoes001 says:

    Caramba, incrível.. …
    Caramba, incrível…

  9. HarpiaJohn says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkTem de …
    kkkkkkkkkkkkkTem de ser louco para andar com um truck em um lugar deste!!!:))Saluto caminhoneiros de Perú por tanta coragem e perícia!!:))

  10. locodogger7 says:

    check out my …
    check out my channel and see…..

  11. paxcon78 says:

    all truck drivin …
    all truck drivin jobs are dangerous but that’s just mental!

  12. foxzity says:

    What a beautiful …
    What a beautiful place to drive in!

  13. byDany1 says:

    Whooow dangerous …
    Whooow dangerous road BEST SCANIA!!

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