0 Student Truck Driver Pay, Bonuses & Tuition ReimbursementThe pay for Student Truck Drivers is often over-inflated by unethical trucking recruiters, in your 1st year an accurate estimation with bonuses is more likely to be about $35K , maybe $37 but you should know the TRICKS that Truck Training Carriers will pull to cheat you out of money & nickel & dime you to death

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  1. TruckerDesiree says:

    @HomeBuyersofOhio …
    @HomeBuyersofOhio You are welcome. I want people to be successful,that is why I began writing and making these videos. They are REAL life in this world. I am currently taking care of some family issues & will resume the truck driver co driver training experiences I had personally and what I learned to watch out for. You can read my unedited story on the “Ask the Trucker” website, it is called “A Day in the Life of a Lady Trucker” , it takes about 2 days to read in it’s entirety. Good Luck!

  2. HomeBuyersofOhio says:

    Thank you…Thank …
    Thank you…Thank you a thousand time for posting this…we appreciate you. Thank you for sharing and educating us newbies or to be newbies like myself. You are awesome….thanks again

  3. TruckerDesiree says:

    @Slye90 Buying your …
    @Slye90 Buying your own truck right away without learning the complexities of trucking is setting yourself up for failure. Stay away from lease Owner Operator training carriers because they will trick you into buying a truck and you will basically be a prisoner in the truck making only enough to pay them the lease payment and have a bit of money to eat. Google Truck Leasing Scams, there are tons of stories on the internet.

  4. Slye90 says:

    what about buying …
    what about buying your own truck right away, how do u get out of that if they were to pressure u to start your own leasing once u get out on the road by your self. what do u believe in this? do u think its best to do it right away or to just wait a year or 2.

  5. TruckerDesiree says:

    @TheErinD22 Glad I …
    @TheErinD22 Glad I could help you. Make sure to check out Allen Smith’s website too called “Ask the Trucker: you tube won’t let my put links in so you will have to google it. He also has many excellent blog talk radio archived shows for people who are just entering truck driving. Got to “Blog Talk Radio” and search “Truth about Trucking” Good Luck!

  6. TheErinD22 says:

    Hello there…I’m …
    Hello there…I’m going to start my CDL school next month and will be teaming with my husband. Your videos are amazing and very helpful. Thank you so much. You are apprecaited

  7. jigibao says:

    @TruckerDesiree …
    @TruckerDesiree hallo, im trucking in europe end over here is not better at all… if you “as driver” dont stand strong in your shoes ,then the company wipes his “ass” with you… i know ,iw been there end learn my lesson fast… now im 22years on the road,end JESS if i could i would change this part of my life… only advantage in europe is paymant per hour,end not per kilometer as other “stupid” east european drivers….they work for low money….i would like to hear from you more…chers !

  8. TruckerDesiree says:

    @jigibao Thanks for …
    @jigibao Thanks for watching! There are complex manipulations in place to nickel and dime truck drivers out of the paycheck they work so hard to earn. This is esspecially true for student to understand before they enter this industry so they can plan ahead to be organized with their paperwork and budget properly.

  9. jigibao says:

    wery nice explained …
    wery nice explained…. bravo !!

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