0 Terrifying truck crash in ChinaNow on Facebook at http://on.fb.me/itnfb! Dramatic footage of a container lorry overturning while trying to speed past traffic lights on a busy street in China. Follow us on twitter at http://twitter.com/itn

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25 Comments on Terrifying truck crash in China

  1. DramaticUsername says:

    @jobjed And your …
    @jobjed And your spelling clearly indicates this. Nice one. =\

  2. CannabisCorporation says:

    @TheDJkarsy …
    @TheDJkarsy Regardless of you opinion, money is more important than human life. I bet you’ve got a job, which means you choose your salary over volunteering with a charity without being paid

  3. jobjed says:

    @DramaticUsername …
    @DramaticUsername wherever u come from, i guarantee u ur ppl are 10 times dumber than chinks

  4. MochiMegan says:

    Such racist …
    Such racist comments.. I wish if people posted racist comments they would make them.. I dunno.. make sense? Not sound ignorant? :( Gah.
    Geez, non-Asians always post such stupid comments.
    .. See? -_-

  5. DramaticUsername says:

    Haha, dumbass …
    Haha, dumbass chinks. Lmao

  6. 10400274 says:

    @GuanYu89 lol it is …
    @GuanYu89 lol it is funny when those bastards die

  7. GuanYu89 says:

    @10400274 or jokes …
    @10400274 or jokes about retarded british soldiers getting their blown up by bombs lol

  8. eternalpengel87 says:

    Talk about guardian …
    Talk about guardian angels that guy on the motorcycle was so close to that truck. :O

  9. devilman6060 says:

    are you sure mate i …
    are you sure mate i think its a baby pram or dog in the red ring at the beginning of the vid

  10. iTouchin says:

    @dontgoout “Was” my …
    @dontgoout “Was” my friend “was” :D

  11. MrKurtyP says:

    usual chinese, only …
    usual chinese, only good at cooking and doing nails

  12. speckyprick says:

    Jackie Chan is …
    Jackie Chan is totally losing his skillz.

  13. 10400274 says:

    insert chinese eyes …
    insert chinese eyes joke here………….

  14. dontgoout says:

    Bet there is a …
    Bet there is a bunch of defenseless animals locked up in the back of that.

  15. kulgy says:

    lol wot a prick
    lol wot a prick

  16. LINKINPARK4L1F3 says:

    @devilman6060 That …
    @devilman6060 That was a man riding a penguin.

  17. devilman6060 says:

    is there a dog in …
    is there a dog in the red ring

  18. passwordresetisbroke says:

    @ …
    @passwordresetisbroke Admittedly my hatred of those that “attempt” suicide to get attention is possibly unfounded, but I dislike people that do that rather than trying to get help in a proper way.

    Anyway, who am I attacking?

    And you seem to be making a bizzare amount of claims. I wager you are projecting, but who really cares.

  19. passwordresetisbroke says:

    @shaunshorn75 So a …
    @shaunshorn75 So a vet has never euthanized an animal then? That was a terrible analogy.

    Depression is a mental disorder yes, however what you dont seem to know is that depression can not be cured. It is always present in sufferers, and while some can learn to deal with it (quite well sometimes), some cant. For those that cant deal with it suicide is surely better than living. If someone wants to die rather than live in depression, or with crippling pain or such, then they should.

  20. shaunshorn75 says:

    @ …
    @passwordresetisbroke, don’t waste your time replying. I’ve got better things to do.

  21. shaunshorn75 says:

    @ …
    @passwordresetisbroke, maybe if your parents weren’t so overprotective, you’d learn to grow up. You have many problems, don’t you? And you’ve been seeking help for those problems, haven’t you?

    I was right about you. You attack those who you perceive as weak – the depressed and suicidal – because you yourself are very weak, with many problems that you’re trying to overcome with no success.

    I now feel sorry for you.

  22. shaunshorn75 says:

    @ …
    @passwordresetisbroke, and real men kill animals that are injured, don’t they? They let “nature” take its course. No, real men become VETS & save their lives.

    Depression is a mental disorder, & it’s for qualified doctors to treat, not brats like u who live with their parents – & I KNOW U LIVE WITH YOUR PARENTS!

    I was irritated, because I was watching a program & had to stop what I was doing to respond to some on YT. That’s what annoyed me. Don’t kid yourself, u are that important to me.

  23. Renneskid says:

    Did he died???? :(
    Did he died???? :(

  24. akaBanKsy says:

    China is so dreary. …
    China is so dreary. Must be depressing to live there.



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