0 The Worst Truck Driver   Jack Grace BandA cautionary tale from an irreverent, incompetent and intoxicated man who should be thrown in the hoosegow. Good times!

Learn more here: http://jackgrace.com/html/truckerlingo.html

Duration : 0:4:4

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10 Comments on The Worst Truck Driver – Jack Grace Band

  1. MrGoodarm3inches says:

    Great. Lmao. Watch …
    Great. Lmao. Watch it over and over

  2. Misty62722 says:

    lol I love this I …
    lol I love this I woke up the whole block laughing at it. thank you for posting it. it’s in my favorites now.

  3. lastcallbeam says:

    This had me …
    This had me rolling….you should watch my vid, True tail of truckin….

  4. adandominguez says:

    Wow, Jack. Really …
    Wow, Jack. Really good song. The animation is top-notch, and insane.

  5. coneyislcowboy says:

    I like the horn …
    I like the horn playin’ aliens u should add them to the show!

  6. NJKatwoman says:

    Too funny! lmao!!
    Too funny! lmao!!

  7. Devinratray says:

    I love it! Great …
    I love it! Great humpin’ tune! Let’s take a road trip to Vegas; yer Drivin’!

  8. aussiebigbangers says:

    Great stuff well …
    Great stuff well done mate.

  9. eevlwich says:

    who is the drummer …
    who is the drummer? Jason?

  10. arockinmyshoe says:

    This is wonderful! …
    This is wonderful! Can’t wait to see the others.

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