0 Truck Drivers Pay and what we all need to know.Trucking pay sucks specialy since we all get paid miles and only by the mile, but what about all the time we spend between the miles sitting and waiting to get a load or to get unloaded or loaded

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4 Comments on Truck Drivers Pay and what we all need to know.

  1. roadragetranny says:

    Our generation …
    Our generation needs a Jimmy Hoffa!

  2. roadragetranny says:

    Thanks for having …
    Thanks for having the courage to speak out about this. It will take many more of us truckers to stand together and unite to change the way the American trucker is paid and treated. Time for a revolution in the trucking industry!

  3. roadragetranny says:

    I would like to see …
    I would like to see a labor union help us truckers unionize. Great video! Us truckers are getting screwed BIG TIME!!!

  4. MrChristhetrucker says:

    I agree with what …
    I agree with what you are saying

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