0 1994 Ford F 700 Dump Flatbed Work Truck For Sale 77k orig milesThis is a very clean truck wih only 77k orig miles this truck is barley broken in with its Powerful Cummins Turbo Diesel power plant i sell ALOT of Mercedes Diesels and have always wanted to try and convert one of these bad boys to BIO Diesel what a savings that would be on Diesel Fuel for your Truck either way if you are in need of the ultimate tool for a steal of a deal give me a call i also have another Dump Truck in my other Videos i am selling. Make sure and Subscribe to my You tube Channel and add me as a friend i always get all sorts of unique Classic, Muscle and EURO cars and i sell them CHEEP Nathan Wratislaw 406 544 6919

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3 Comments on 1994 Ford F-700 Dump Flatbed Work Truck For Sale 77k orig miles

  1. ChuCk230e says:

    @supermaniac5fan …
    @supermaniac5fan dodges have the best engines and cummins is a separate company

  2. xxbal1inxx says:

    @supermaniac5fan …
    @supermaniac5fan cummins is not dodge, cummins is a company

  3. supermaniac5fan says:

    y do u have a …
    y do u have a crappy dodge engine in it

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