0 2001 Dodge Ram Monster Truck 4x4 for sale38″ Tires, Fabtech Lift, Low Miles, Awesome Truck. Let me here your thoughts.

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25 Comments on 2001 Dodge Ram Monster Truck 4×4 for sale

  1. highwaytohell15 says:


  2. 2Sidebars says:

    it looks like a toy …
    it looks like a toy car

  3. kumutheballpython says:

    I have a 1997 dodge …
    I have a 1997 dodge 1500 extended cab with a 6 inch suspension lift and a 3 inch body lift so overall 9 inches of lift with 39 inch mickey thompsons on it i get around 13 mpg. it has a 318

  4. mallow399 says:


  5. hitman7777777777 says:

    what did you sell …
    what did you sell it for? nice truck btw

  6. duncan1482 says:


  7. m0t0cr0ss17 says:

    i got a question …
    i got a question about the speedometer, i kno that its sold but did the gas controls have to get adjusted? i have a lifted dodge just like this on 33′s but the speedometer is off by about 5 mph when i drive was this truck the same way?

  8. stevenicholasnolan says:

    try a different car …
    try a different car wash man

  9. xxmy7chevysxx says:

    first of all, your …
    first of all, your not suppose to put it in 4 wheel drive on pavement. it probably dont steer good because of the 3”+ body lift and you couldnt have drove that around too much cause its not street legal(not too high) needs mudflaps and fenderflares.

  10. 1999DodgeRamSport says:

    @TheScKeReLiUk They …
    @TheScKeReLiUk They dont make body lifts over 3″. It appears to be a 5.5″ lift, 3″ body, and 3″ spacers for a total of 11.5.

  11. drewbholzhauser says:

    Well when you say …
    Well when you say the dash is cracked, it’s not due to the stress of it being up too high; actually most all dodge pickups have problems with the dash cracking. All you really need is a dash cover and you can pick one up for around $25. I’m not trying to make you look bad, just trying to clear things up.

  12. 09JrSmith says:

    are you sure it …
    are you sure it wasnt 139k??? the oil pressure looked pretty weak to me it was what pushin 30 to 35 psi…not a good sign when the oil pressure is weak..i have a 97 ram 1500 with the oil pressure easly 45 psi…

  13. TheScKeReLiUk says:

    I think its a 5.5 …
    I think its a 5.5 fabtech susp. lift, but what size is the body lift? 3″-4″?

  14. Zrich1995 says:

    Do you have any …
    Do you have any dodge`s for sale now

  15. miltonautosales says:

    @Zrich1995 It sold …
    @Zrich1995 It sold 2 years ago

  16. Zrich1995 says:

    How much do You …
    How much do You want for it

  17. jordanlavi says:

    not too mention too …
    not too mention too bad its gas job

  18. jordanlavi says:

    lol the fog lights …
    lol the fog lights may not work because when u install a lift they may not include long enough wires for fog lights… cause your really droppin that bumper

  19. breakyour1 says:

    too high
    too high

  20. zacheryp says:

    3:35 …..bet that …
    3:35 …..bet that musta scared em

  21. metaljunkie209 says:

    sweet truck
    sweet truck

  22. EEEYARG says:

    gotta love dodge ram
    gotta love dodge ram

  23. frodo70444 says:

    that is a certified …
    that is a certified city slicker ride!

  24. johnson1USMC says:

    Too clean, why own …
    Too clean, why own a truck like that if your not going to go play.

  25. djnatedog101 says:

    ok give me some …
    ok give me some time to mack it

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