0 2001 Dodge Ram Monster Truck For Sale Part 2Call 770-990-9475 for details

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25 Comments on 2001 Dodge Ram Monster Truck For Sale Part 2

  1. rpogue65 says:

    nice truck my dad …
    nice truck my dad got a 01 dage v8 5.3 and its not a bad truck it has 8in lift and some big tires not bad traded his 03 dodge v8 5.9 for it

  2. jcgenreal says:

    nice truck

    nice truck

  3. gutman121 says:

    whooaa dude that …
    whooaa dude that right next to hopewell middle school and frys in alphareta ga. i like like right there. haha

  4. TheHondakid98 says:

    thats a ford not a …
    thats a ford not a lincoln

  5. challengerman15 says:

    @superturbodiesel i …
    @superturbodiesel i know that im just speaking from what i’ve heard read and seen.

  6. 01DodgeRamDiesel4x4 says:

    @ …
    @jsummit600suckballs1 $10,000.00

  7. jamestaggreen2 says:

    3:00 Almost wrecked …
    3:00 Almost wrecked lol

  8. jsummit600suckballs1 says:

    How much did this …
    How much did this sell for?

  9. 2jmilligan says:

    you dont have …
    you dont have anything on ebay!

  10. 2jmilligan says:

    its sold ah man.
    its sold ah man.

  11. guitaristsniper123 says:

    @miltonautosales ah …
    @miltonautosales ah, ok cause some of the roads sorta looked like it was by a cabelas. jw

  12. miltonautosales says:

    @guitaristsniper123 …
    @guitaristsniper123 No way!! It is far too cold up there for a Ga boy like me!! This is in Atlanta

  13. guitaristsniper123 says:

    Is this around …
    Is this around Dundee Michigan?

  14. superturbodiesel says:

    @challengerman15 : …
    @challengerman15 : Hell, they don’t have any more front end problems than any other HD 4×4 truck. Apparently you haven’t owned many different brands of trucks. Chevy’s crap IFS isn’t any better. If you want a real HD truck, it needs to have a solid front axle. Also, when it comes time to replace your steering and suspension parts, try putting QUALITY parts back in, such as MOOG brand parts that are GREASEABLE. You get what you pay for. Don’t forget to LUBE the fittings every oil change also.

  15. omg122448 says:

    being up high like …
    being up high like that never gets old

  16. challengerman15 says:

    i cant believe that …
    i cant believe that people would still buy dodge 2500 and 3500 with the front end suspension problems that ALL of the dodge trucks have

  17. RoGQuizzno says:

    ashame that thing …
    ashame that thing has never been in the mud….. just

  18. xC0VeNaNTx says:

    i feel the a/c its …
    i feel the a/c its freezing cold! :D

  19. fordboy111591 says:

    why that much …i …
    why that much …i can get a 04 f250 with alot of lift and 46” tires and its only got like 60k miles

  20. chad460 says:

    That is a nice …
    That is a nice truck but it has some bald tires

  21. Trigun075 says:

    @m0t0cr0ss17 Well …
    @m0t0cr0ss17 Well its in the eye of the beholder. Some people like lifted trucks and some want it lower. Either way there both great trucks.

  22. m0t0cr0ss17 says:

    @Trigun075 dang! …
    @Trigun075 dang! lol armorall works then.. and mines gas. thats why its bad mpg..im looking for a ford ranger gonna put a lil lift on that and get better mpg around town and stilll loook good

  23. Trigun075 says:

    @m0t0cr0ss17 Lol 95 …
    @m0t0cr0ss17 Lol 95 degrees? i bascily live in a desert where it hits over 110 in July. If Armor All doesn’t work then try covering up your windshield. But good luck man. Tell me how it goes. Btw is your gas or diesel?

  24. m0t0cr0ss17 says:

    @Trigun075 ok …
    @Trigun075 ok thanks. i think its the heat.. im in georgia that thing sits out there in 95 degreese in the summer ahaha hopefully armoral works b4 it jsut cracks more

  25. Trigun075 says:

    @m0t0cr0ss17 No, …
    @m0t0cr0ss17 No, but mines lifted with some all terrain tires. I toke off the mud ones to save some cash lol. I gave the keys to my bro cause he needed it to move stuff. and crashed the side into a gate…. me off. But what can i do. And yea mines not cracked? lol i put armor all on so yea try that.

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