0 2011 GMC 3500HD Duramax Diesel Dually Crew Cab SLT 4x4 Sierra New Truck For Sale in Grand Rapids MIhttp://foxgm.com Walk tall and carry a big stick..because this Sierra is absolutely the most incredible truck in production today!! You’ve worked hard for your money..now it’s time to own the best money can buy!! Just imagine the silky smooth but tremendously powerful Duramax Diesel with the capability to haul almost anything you can throw at it. Your 6-speed Allison Transmission handles all of that power effortlessly. The highly luxurious SLT appointments, such as heated leather seating, will wrap your body in complete comfort. Your spouse will appreciate the in dash navigation system to keep you heading in the right direction. Dual zone automatic climate controls will keep everyone at just the right temp! Must see and test drive this truck now! Call Ted Coller immediately at 888-655-2341 to schedule your demonstration today.

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25 Comments on 2011 GMC 3500HD Duramax Diesel Dually Crew Cab SLT 4×4 Sierra New Truck For Sale in Grand Rapids MI

  1. ValentiRick66 says:


  2. playray2244 says:

    needs a bed liner
    needs a bed liner

  3. truck501 says:

    shame all these …
    shame all these trucks have D.P.F filters fitted

  4. FellatioMyDickBitch says:

    @mrdigger95 wtf do …
    @mrdigger95 wtf do you think?

  5. mrdigger95 says:

    does it take gas or …
    does it take gas or diesel?

  6. monko1265 says:

    exhaust brake?
    exhaust brake?

  7. FireVortex720 says:

    whats the mileage …
    whats the mileage on these things? do they beat toyota prado or landcruiser mileage?

  8. mario102395 says:

    problem with that …
    problem with that truck, is the bow tie emblem.means its garbage.

  9. BBTthetank says:

    @2001chevyguy You …
    @2001chevyguy You know that GMC’s and Chevy’s are built in the same factory, built off the same assembly line with the same GM workers. Pretty much 1 out of 3 GM truck frames are fitted with GMC sheetmetal and trim. And yes today’s GMC’s have slightly different sheet metal; They dont have flared rear fenders like the Chevy’s do, and their hoods and grills are different. Other then that, they are 98% identical.

  10. ipodpiccone says:

    Just so u know 2001 …
    Just so u know 2001 chevy guy chevy is owned by GM and GM also ownes cadilac , Gmc , Hummer, and used to own pontiac. So Gmc is not coping Chevy, its virtually the same truck :P

  11. dieselinside69 says:

    im still preferr my …
    im still preferr my old school truck i love my f-350 but it´s nice these sierra im dissapoint b´cos chevy don´t sell it in mexico ! :(

  12. 2001chevyguy says:

    sucks gmc always …
    sucks gmc always copys chevy chevy is better than gmc ford dodge

  13. fr34kaccident says:

    these trucks look …
    these trucks look absolutely amazing. and the performance numbers are just as. supposedly you can tow 22,000LBs with that beast. which is incredible. im only 18 so i got a long ways before i get enough money saved up for a beast like that. so for now my 99 suburban has to cut the mustard. Chevrolet all the way brother.
    great video.

  14. Corsavette02 says:

    Has your dealership …
    Has your dealership seen any issues with the DEF tanks? I just got a Denali HD Dually and cant go faster than 55mph. The dealer here has not heard of any issues, but my truck is in limp mode.

  15. dubworldo says:

    deam it is alot …
    deam it is alot defernt then the 2008 sierra dually

  16. alehuj says:

    @foxpontiacbuickgmc …
    @foxpontiacbuickgmc Yep no doubt its better in a lot of ways. But where i live (urban jungle) some of the underground parking lots that i go to, I have trouble fitting in my truck because it is so tall. And some i cant even go in at all. I would like to see my friend fit in.

  17. foxpontiacbuickgmc says:

    @alehuj The 2011 …
    @alehuj The 2011 Heavy Duty’s feature a fully boxed frame, 6000lbs axles, and torsion bar front suspension which is probably why the height is different than your 09.

  18. ilikebannanapops says:

    buy a bigger …
    buy a bigger transmission just buy a semi??or just buy a Ford.

  19. jjc92295 says:

    best truck ever

    best truck ever

  20. alehuj says:

    Allison …
    Allison transmission is superb! Great truck my buddy just bought a 2011 just like this one and its taller than my 09 Gmc 3500 hd.

  21. foxpontiacbuickgmc says:

    @X1danno1 Sure.. …
    @X1danno1 Sure..what do we need to do? BTW..my parents live outside of N.O.

  22. hrprk7 says:

    how am i suppsoe to …
    how am i suppsoe to test drive it if it dosent have any gas

  23. Veikra says:

    @foxpontiacbuickgmc …
    @foxpontiacbuickgmc I don’t see how that it aiming at a greater markets since autos were always there since the 50s. They are not getting a new market by trading manuals for something else. Aiming for greater marketS would imply getting in a niche to get more customer they didnt have before. What they are doing now is the exact opposite, ditching a market and losing customers(as far as new vehicules sales). Did they ever optioned the manual for <’06 on a 3500 dually? I’ve never see one. Thk

  24. X1danno1 says:

    I live in Lake …
    I live in Lake Charles LA. could you make it worth my drive up there?

  25. X1danno1 says:

    @dueceandhalf Ford …
    @dueceandhalf Ford hasn’t had a good diesel since the 7.3. The 6.0 blows head gaskets, the 6.4 has injector problems, and its too early to tell about their new diesel. Ford is also overpriced compared to Chevy. In my opinion the Allison transmission is worth its weight in gold.

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