0 2011 Kenworth T 700 with PACCAR MX engine2011 Kenworth T-700
PACCAR MX engine 430HP 1550/1750 Torque
13 Speed Transmission

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Duration : 0:5:35

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23 Comments on 2011 Kenworth T-700 with PACCAR MX engine

  1. SomeRandomFeller says:

    @PCEliT1ST Actually …
    @PCEliT1ST Actually, I see a lot of comments from european drivers on american trucking videos wishing they could drive real trucks like in America. Cab over trucks in europe are a joke. I would not want to go out for weeks in one of those closets you call a truck.

  2. pelastusrengas says:

    Looks like it were …
    Looks like it were made in Russia.. Is it? Engine sounds very good!

  3. kalanike says:

    Actually this motor …
    Actually this motor has ratings up to 510hp (DAF MX 375) for the DAF XF Cabovers

  4. PCEliT1ST says:

    I’d clearly prefer …
    I’d clearly prefer the European tracks. American tracks are so much inferior.

  5. MrOnly551 says:

    where can you buy …
    where can you buy these trucks

  6. sledhill says:

    no diff between …
    no diff between petes and kw’s anymore. boring,

  7. bretstep says:

    It is basically the …
    It is basically the same as a Pete 387 with a different front end and the interior from the T2000. Pete or KW, its all the same good truck. Its like comparing a Chevy and GMC truck from one another, the differences are cosmetic.

  8. the308capital says:

    Looks nice from the …
    Looks nice from the side but head on is uglier than shit. That grill is just wrong.

  9. WesternStar4900SA says:

    @CMLovejoy You are …
    @CMLovejoy You are very wrong.

  10. stupidfuckhole says:

    ag400l suspension? …
    ag400l suspension? that looks exactly like the peterbilt low air leaf. And they are crap suspensions.

  11. Chepcoon says:

    1:10 In this shot …
    1:10 In this shot it loox quite like 387…

  12. bluecollarboiler says:

    They should put the …
    They should put the new T700 on the Ice Road Trucker show!

  13. ohhhhshag says:

    the spray …
    the spray suppresion leave a little to be desired…

  14. KrAzYxInKy says:

    I saw a show of how …
    I saw a show of how these trucks were built today, and before I watched that show I was unaware the T700 existed. Props K-DUD!

  15. purple8chevy09 says:

    The Daf Euro 5 MX …
    The Daf Euro 5 MX runs cleaner than the US spec version. They come off the same
    production line in Eindhoven with the CNCs having their programmes changed to
    do the US engines. There are several differances in the appearance of each engine.
    The blocks are cast in Germany.

  16. CMLovejoy says:

    just a t2000 with a …
    just a t2000 with a different hood

  17. BKI408 says:

    very clean truck …
    very clean truck but interior is same as t2000

  18. Amiyahsdaddy1 says:

    Man the newer the …
    Man the newer the trucks get the uglyer they get

  19. southeastdriver says:

    man… dream truck
    man… dream truck

  20. 72Silverstar says:

    That rear …
    That rear suspension sure looks like Peterbilt Low Air Leaf.

  21. TMCTruckSales says:

    Yes, very similar …
    Yes, very similar engine to the DAF, Paccar tweaked it for Pete and KW

  22. giles2a says:

    kenworth, …
    kenworth, peterbuilt, foden, leyland and daf are owned by the paccar group.

  23. DAF460 says:

    that engine is the …
    that engine is the same as the one that are in daf truck or is very similar to it any way

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