0 BMP 1 APC for sale.Russian Tanks, Trucks Jeeps for saleRussian BMP-1 Armoured Personnel Carrier for sale by www.tanksforsale.co.uk. BMP1 for sale at War and peace show Imported by tanksforsale. We also sell T72, T55, OT90 APCs, BTR60, BRDM2, OT64, Ural 375, Zil131 Gaz66 Russian Trucks, Uaz469, Gaz69 Russian Jeeps. Military Vehicles for sale or for hire. Collectors, Business Promotion, Tank Limosines and Parties

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20 Comments on BMP-1 APC for sale.Russian Tanks, Trucks Jeeps for sale

  1. TheGhilliSniper says:

    damn, how much is …
    damn, how much is it and where are you located

  2. cammander263 says:

    so cool , is a bmp1 …
    so cool , is a bmp1 cheaper than any other military vehicle made , and are the parts still made for the BMP1 , cause i kno the CZECH army still uses russian made material

  3. oxyman10 says:

    Imagine picking up …
    Imagine picking up your date you just recently met in that thing. You told her you have an SUV and that you would pick her up at eight o clock:)

  4. fedzog says:

    had a czech army …
    had a czech army mark

  5. vtman111000 says:

    If you are judging …
    If you are judging soviet equipment from wars in the Middle East, you have to consider the tactics and the fact that Soviets were known to sell the “monkey” models abroad.

  6. WASPfreak says:

    I have to disagree. …
    I have to disagree. Look at several Soviet-made aircraft and tell me that.

  7. jack190190 says:

    not really there …
    not really there quality control was decent.

  8. WASPfreak says:

    The thing you’ve …
    The thing you’ve got to keep in mind is that there was little quality control in Soviet-built machines. I would be hesitant to buy one of these unless I knew its age and history.

  9. viowave says:

    stick to the bmp-1. …
    stick to the bmp-1. So much better design than all its brothers like the bmp-2, although its got a better canon.

  10. Pauln2008 says:

    how much
    how much

  11. Pauln2008 says:

    i am so buying one …
    i am so buying one of these for Paint ball lol

  12. specialforces69 says:

    I have an unlimited …
    I have an unlimited supply of those in my game OFP

  13. Catagator says:

    What’s the price …
    What’s the price for the vehicle and to export to the U.S.? I have a M29c Weasel, but looking to move up to heavy Armor.

  14. ak30001 says:

    wow that was cool, …
    wow that was cool, do u know if u can get a ride on a su 34 or a mig jets???? i know u can go to Russia and a some money u can drive over a old car with one of there tanks, thats cool but a jet plane ride is so much better

  15. stug3ausfg says:

    Thats right – Its …
    Thats right – Its in a private dealership in Central Europe – for sale. Obviously if you are a Country you can buy them new directly from the factory, minimumn order 20vehicles……
    The T72 I have is only one of 3 private ones in the UK, and the ONLY one for sale. ..I dnt think there are many elsewhere….maybe 2/3 in Germany, and the same in the USA.

  16. luuko656 says:

    aah you mean theres …
    aah you mean theres only on private owned
    bmp 2? how come the T72 is availeble for sale?

  17. stug3ausfg says:

    No – but I know of …
    No – but I know of (The ONLY) private one for sale in the Western Hemisphere! price….dont even ask

  18. luuko656 says:

    i saw this tank on …
    i saw this tank on your website…do you guys also have the bmp 2 with the 30mm cannon??

  19. stug3ausfg says:

    Yes its Lucy …
    Yes its Lucy Driving well spotted….My 11 year old son can drive it also….Its as easy as that!

  20. LazarMayne says:

    Is that a girl …
    Is that a girl driving?

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