0 Chevy Trucks for Sale (1947 1954)we need to get rid of some old trucks

edit: here is a link to what is currently still in the field


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23 Comments on Chevy Trucks for Sale (1947-1954)

  1. emmmeteen87 says:

    do you have any …
    do you have any left?

  2. t891 says:

    agreed, same with …
    agreed, same with NEW ford trucks

  3. ShadowRejects says:

    the one at 1:00 i …
    the one at 1:00 i think like 50 still exsist

  4. ShadowRejects says:

    those ar enijce, …
    those ar enijce, just needs paint

  5. wanefakin says:

    dodge sucks
    dodge sucks

  6. dirtastegood says:

    How much you want …
    How much you want for that blue chevy that has no back tire?

  7. xGarfieldx says:

    can i please have …
    can i please have the address of where the tucks are located i cant find it on mapquest. so please right it here so it would be correct thanks.

  8. xGarfieldx says:

    my phone # is (562) …
    my phone # is (562) 310-2199 im looking for a 1954 chevy truck

  9. jmherrera09 says:

    Do you have right …
    Do you have right phone # listed cause im getting no answer

  10. jmherrera09 says:

    answer your phne
    answer your phne

  11. xGarfieldx says:

    do u have a 1954 …
    do u have a 1954 truck 4 sale??

  12. shutup501 says:

    i guess you are …
    i guess you are saying what you want to say but, i’am having trouble understanding you. may i suggest you use spell check.

  13. ilovemelife says:

    uhhh i am defended …
    uhhh i am defended i love my old 92 dodge 1500
    4wd 2inch lift

  14. shutup501 says:

    what are talking …
    what are talking about….i don’t care about dodge.

  15. bighorndodge says:

    must b local …
    must b local junkyard thats where u find chevys get real and buy dodge

  16. texolot says:

    If I had room…I’d …
    If I had room…I’d take em all…

  17. shutup501 says:


  18. giberish9 says:

    What year is that 1 …
    What year is that 1 1/2 ton dually?

  19. mcul2112 says:

    Post on iMoondo. …
    Post on iMoondo. We have a for sale section and people will actually see your trucks.

  20. shutup501 says:

    about $1250-1750.
    about $1250-1750.

  21. kwilliams77 says:

    how much are these?
    how much are these?

  22. shutup501 says:

    These trucks are …
    These trucks are located in THe United states of AMerica , IN the State of California Near the San Franciso area…. the are code is 95688

  23. jsv00 says:

    Where are the …
    Where are the trucks??

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