0 ** FOR SALE** 01 GMC Sierra Sick Lifted Truck Pt. 301 GMC Sierra 1500
- 6 inch fabtech plus 3 inch body
-20″ Moto metal 955 rims
- 37″x13.5-R20 Toyo M/T
-Brand New 4.56 gears
-Brand New Outlaw Transmission 550HP rated with firm shift pattern.
-New Diff Cover
-Throttle body spacer
-Volant cold air intake
-Custom built exhaust
-Performance super chip
And Much more Inside and Out! Just contact me with any questions.

Duration : 0:2:11

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25 Comments on ** FOR SALE** 01 GMC Sierra Sick Lifted Truck Pt. 3

  1. XxClemsonTigersXx says:

    Hey man what kind …
    Hey man what kind of mileage did you get with 4.56′s and 37′s?

  2. HwkyPlrs says:

    Sounds like the …
    Sounds like the lifters are bad

  3. 88grizzley says:

    would u happen to …
    would u happen to remember what kind of head unit that was

  4. pudops says:

    how much?
    how much?

  5. mudbogginboy says:

    fast for a big truck
    fast for a big truck

  6. znorth54 says:

    nice truck bro
    nice truck bro

  7. tylan13chuck says:

    @weemantiny what!? …
    @weemantiny what!? no its a seatbelt light lol

  8. weemantiny says:

    @tylan13chuck are …
    @tylan13chuck are you a firefighter or something?

  9. weemantiny says:

    my bad i meant in …
    my bad i meant in the windshield lol

  10. tylan13chuck says:

    @weemantiny …
    @weemantiny seatbelt lol

  11. weemantiny says:

    what is the light …
    what is the light in the dash for?

  12. finaplexEOD says:

    the ol’ chevy tap.. …
    the ol’ chevy tap….mine does the same…..sick truck dude!

  13. conant27 says:

    Its a Out Law trans …
    Its a Out Law trans, rated for 550hp with the stage 2 shift pattern in it!

  14. chevytruck123 says:

    Man what kinda …
    Man what kinda shift did you pick when you got the new tranny in? stage 1 2 or 3

  15. KooLaidblue says:

    Nuts, thats crazy …
    Nuts, thats crazy good…. I’d hope for 15 highway tops!

  16. KooLaidblue says:

    Almost sounded like …
    Almost sounded like an exhaust leak on acceleration, but I know that knock you’re talking about. I think it’s piston slap actually.

  17. Bajaheat says:

    damn knock much? …
    knock much? nice truck other than that

  18. GreyGhostZ71 says:

    howd that volant …
    howd that volant intake help? i have the exact same btw. except mines a z71 and just has a levelin kit.

  19. ezskanken says:

    I was just …
    I was just wondering what kind of perfomance superchip you had on that bad boy. Thanks in advance…

  20. conant27 says:

    Just bought an 07 …
    Just bought an 07 RST, its nasty will have vids up soon! TRUCK IS SOLD!

  21. kevin6244 says:

    how much u want for …
    how much u want for it?

  22. conant27 says:

    I live in Randolph …
    I live in Randolph New Jersey. If anyone is looking for an amazing truck ,well maintained, and fun to drive here it is! Looking for 13000 OBO. For information about the truck plz call 201-874-1126 ask for Anthony Contino.

  23. swamphunter2 says:

    alright thanks man …
    alright thanks man i wana lift my 99 sierra but im already getting 16 miles per gallon lol but badass truck!

  24. conant27 says:

    Thankyou for all …
    Thankyou for all the comments everyone. Plz check out my other videos more to come soon!

  25. conant27 says:

    the message screen …
    the message screen comes with the truck, just tells you to change your oil and if gas is low basically. And as gas miliage goes you probably wont believe me but i am getting 17.8 highway and 14.4 city. Those numbers are with my calculations no looking at the message center on the dash cause that is no longer correct.

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