0 GMC Ideas commercial by Lowe“There are good ideas,
there are great ideas,
then, there are ideas that meet a higher standard,
and those are the only ideas that make in into our trucks and SUVs.”

- – -

According to AdTunes, the voiceover was by Will Arnett, and Human, NYC did the music.

Duration : 0:1:3

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25 Comments on GMC “Ideas” commercial by Lowe

  1. ridge147 says:

    “We are …
    “We are professional grade”…. “but we stil haven’t figured out why our Headlamps, and taillights go out within a month

  2. rachaelswiftt says:

    @GBart hahahahahaha
    @GBart hahahahahaha

  3. ethaneveraldo says:

    love the music
    love the music

  4. jamchew1982 says:

    that’s will arnett? …
    that’s will arnett?? wow crazy

  5. Vert0130 says:


    Will …

    Will do man. It’s just having a society to dissapoint can really get the best of anyone. They think we have it so tuff here. But really taking everything for no apreciation kills. But eitgher way, I guess living here keep my head up and for sure aggre with people who actually know what’s going o nand have a good conversation will be best said for sure! Keep on pointing out like you do for sure!

  6. afghi420 says:

    @Vert0130 will …
    @Vert0130 will never get any better as long as the people allow their country to be controlled by a ‘shadow’ Government. And im sure lots will think im some conspiracy nut, which is a joke anyway, alot of the conspiracies are actually cases that are more then obviously corrupt, but when the Government or Military doesn’t want you to investigate something they just call it a Conspiracy and the questions never get answered. If you like this kind of stuff check out my page, have alot of full movies

  7. afghi420 says:

    @Vert0130 Good …
    @Vert0130 Good question why the one’s who actually might have done good get killed, some people would just call it a conspiracy, i prefer to believe when you have numerous coincidences they are not coincidences anymore. Kennedy was killed for what i believe is one specific reason, along with other reasons im sure, but he was planning on abolishing the federal reserve, and to the jewish bankers abolishing the Fed is fighting words, or killing words in Kennedies case. It’s so obvious, the country

  8. Vert0130 says:



    Finally soembody is on my side for a real president and polititcs. Why is it the oens who stand out the most make themselves the biggest tagret to be killed? It’s so sad. This country has truely changed and will never take back what it once had. You sir know what’s up for being who you are.

  9. afghi420 says:

    @Vert0130 America …
    @Vert0130 America is never going to get an honest President, for starter’s the only choices you have to choose from are a couple different rich guys, i mean say someone had really good honest idea’s like JFK, they would either create a scandal out of that person, or kill them as with JFK. Future Presidents know this, and if they aren’t quite sure im sure they are reminded of this fact from the Bilderberg group before they get elected. America will NEVER get better until you rid the bankers.

  10. Vert0130 says:


    But …

    But as for government it wasn’t something I found really founding after the 90′s. That’s why when I turned 18 back in 2008 I rejected for a vote. I knew it would turn out the same way as the guy before Obama. Hatred on what American’s think is right and then having going into hate mode. That’s why I wish being in your Country right next to ours could become a reality.

  11. Vert0130 says:


    I may …

    I may agree on what you said towards the end. But if you love certain Car brands over Money issues. I could really care less. What country isn’t having their cars built in other countries. If actually you look closer at GM it has gone a long way to support unforgettable Weather events such as Hurricane Katrina and the bad storms this year. But again I guess each company uses money in its own reasons. So in conclusion I still what I love from my heart for brands in my own country.

  12. afghi420 says:

    @Vert0130 i …
    @Vert0130 i understand your American patriotism, but remember GM has moved most it’s factories out of the country, has crippled entire cities with it’s closing of plants, moved factories out of the country even though the CEO was making billions if profit. And by buying a GMC you are not supporting anything but the CEO’s pocket and probably some Mexican’s wages down in Mexico.. But whatever, people drive what they drive, i just prefer quality over phony patriotism. your government IS f’ing you..

  13. Vert0130 says:


    I …

    I understand what you mean. But you see some of us don’t need a major variety of things. Just having something to drive is a blessing. But if anything domestic is still what I stick with. Just got a 2011 Chevrolet Cruze and isn’t slowing me down on being dissapointed.

    but I’ll let you root for the imports. I’d rather stick domestic in knowing that I choose the U.S. Not rely on Japan for my needs. Sure they build them here in America now, but isn’t the same soul as U.S. Brands.

  14. matthewscottgray says:

    Ya right, like the …
    Ya right, like the guy in the $6,500 suit is going to drive a GMC
    COME ON!!!

  15. afghi420 says:

    What BS, if GM …
    What BS, if GM really cared at all about their consumer, they would stop spending millions on planned obsolesence, and i guarantee they have heard that word before. After 100 years of building a product you would expect them to be able to build a vehicle that doesn’t need transmission work at 150K. They charge so much for a corvette and the dash looks like it’s from a 94 Cavalier or something. I have an 03 Accord that is nicer then most new domestic crap, and by far superior in quality.

  16. Motorfordtoyota says:

    I remeber this one. …
    I remeber this one. lol

  17. asp5 says:

    @guaditarios “He’s …
    @guaditarios “He’s an idea man, Michael. I think he proved that with F*$#*! Mountain.”

  18. hardstreetbambi says:

    you know that’s …
    you know that’s will arnetts voice..

  19. misterquinly says:

    At 0:44 the …
    At 0:44 the engineer has made a huge mistake

  20. guaditarios says:

    Ideas Michael Ideas
    Ideas Michael Ideas

  21. Nighthawk5210 says:

    I was thinking …
    I was thinking about this commercial today and I rarely think about commercials, but I remembered that I liked everything about it–the images and the music and I really didn’t think I’d be able to find it anywhere, but lo and behold YouTube comes through again. Thanks for uploading it.

  22. clotwortorange says:


  23. urbandestruction says:

    @counkev nither …
    @counkev nither would old chevy. stick to your turbo bricks

  24. samlcope says:

    I hear Franklin is …
    I hear Franklin is doing the voice-over for the new 2011 commercial.

  25. jonman456 says:

    a magician named GMC
    a magician named GMC

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