0 johnny cash cadillac song videoits reallly funny

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25 Comments on johnny cash cadillac song video

  1. Jacobcool11 says:

    So funny!
    So funny!

  2. KLee0777 says:

    lol is it possible …
    lol is it possible to steal a cadillac one piece at a time?

    I love this song it’s so funny, Johnny Cash is a legend, love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. johnvdm13 says:

    @biglift1 wow i did …
    @biglift1 wow i did the same with a lawn tractor the sad part was it worked but i got in s**t after 2 years

  4. aarham says:

    @toenail135 The …
    @toenail135 The irony of this post is side-spitting.

  5. ClaySkoal says:

    the songs called …
    the songs called one piece at a time

  6. toenail135 says:

    4 people r ignorent …
    4 people r ignorent dick bitiers

  7. kelleraven11 says:

    @TheFreakingBeatles …
    @TheFreakingBeatles no you are; i before e except after c.

  8. RatRob69 says:

    It don’t get better …
    It don’t get better than Cash, it just don’t.

  9. mattz93inthehat says:

    one piece at a time …
    one piece at a time is what its called but i liked the music vid. great song

  10. TheFreakingBeatles says:

    @pumpkinheadedsob …
    @pumpkinheadedsob thank you

  11. pumpkinheadedsob says:

    @TheFreakingBeatles …
    @TheFreakingBeatles I’m shocked to find another person who isnt an idiot. Bravo sir.

  12. 91nickt says:

    @meehall121 wow! …
    @meehall121 wow! how’d you do that? That’s cool!

  13. Fanat6592 says:

    please say me where …
    please say me where i may download this song???

  14. nalgaslaper says:

    that guitar intro …
    that guitar intro is awesome.

  15. copsinmyhouse says:

    @froglily79 im …
    @froglily79 im sorry to hear that, howd he die?

  16. TheCasey111 says:

    love the songs, …
    love the songs, kicking music man, if you get the time try to visit my songs about Cheyenne Bodie, Clint Walker goto
    youTube Cheyenne A Real Cowboy Robinhood, AND MORE

    cheers Dave Stonewash Murray

  17. ssabykoops says:

    thanks for the vid …
    thanks for the vid but your timeing on the edditing is crappy

  18. omega190e says:

    amazing song! 1967 …
    amazing song! 1967 Cadillac eldorado BLACK

  19. palomovuela says:

    this is one of my …
    this is one of my favourite songs! reminds me of my dad, he loves cars and likes this song too. Johnny Cash is great.

  20. Barefootlarry says:

    The actual title of …
    The actual title of this song is “One Piece At A Time”.

  21. meehall121 says:

    Happy New Year,

    Happy New Year,
    From Birmingham City…UK
    • * “* • ♪ ♫ • ✿ * ✿ • ♪ ♫ • *” * •.
    Thank You, My Friends

  22. JmH551 says:

    i kno, all 4 shocks …
    i kno, all 4 shocks? damn!

  23. JmH551 says:

    could you imagine …
    could you imagine what this car looked like? lol

  24. eiroight says:

    great music!
    great music!

  25. BETSY1951 says:

    You did a great job …
    You did a great job pn this video. thanks

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